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How Can I Tell If an Alarm Is a Smoke Alarm or Carbon Monoxide Alarm?
by weenerdog in Health
Carbon monoxide is the "silent killer"; you can not see or smell the insidious gas. A carbon monoxide alarm will sound when excessive gas is detected in the environment. The alarm is a high-pitched, loud beeping sound. The beeping can be confused with a smoke alarm. Smoke alarms are triggered by smoldering fires or flaming fires, or any excessive smoke in the vicinity. The alarm is also a loud bee

alarm manager turning my variables into null when the alarm fire
by chanley in Programming Languages

calling alarm:

Log.e("call: ", "calling alarm");
sessionForPost = Session.getActiveSession();
if(sessionForPost != null)
Log.e("session: ", "not null");
Log.e("session: ", "null");
Alarm alarm = new Alarm();

I Can't Shut Off the Alarm on My Kidde Smoke Alarm After Installing Batteries
by HokieGeek in Home & Garden
When the battery of a Kidde Smoke Alarm is running low, the smoke detector "chirps" every seven minutes, indicating the battery is dying. Once the battery is replaced, the chirping stops chirping. If it does not, a "soft" reset can be performed, to attempt to stop it. If the chirping does not stop, attempt to replace the battery, as it could be malfunctioning. If that still does not correct the pr

making an unbound listview i.e. set alarm screen in the alarm clock app
by DefDC in Programming Languages

Well like the title says if you go to the Alarm clock App on droid i am trying to recreate the screen that comes up when you select an alarm. Essentially the "other" screen in the app. I am new to this but have spent the past day searching for this but im not to sure i know the correct terminology to find what im looking for.

I am making a time clock app that keeps track of my hour

How can I send custom messeges to an alarm service when the alarm is triggered?
by aafr in Programming Languages

Here I am facing the problem with Alarm, In my app I need alarm service in my app to remind the user to do his task. The task, time, and Dates are stored in the database. When the time, date reached then the alarm app will show a pop up message with a text which we stored in the database while adding a alarm. How can I pass the text message which is stored in tne database as notification in my

Alarm Manager,Alarm Dialog and Activity group in android
by Nick Pegg in Android

I'm trying to implement the alarm manager with alarm dialog for a activity group.
I can successfully enter into the activity which is scheduled by suspending the alarm dialog from within or outside of my application.
If the activity group is scheduled instead of activity then on suspension of alarm dialog couldn't able to enter into activity group.(Can able to enter into activity grou

How can i get the repeat alarm for week days using alarm manager?
by Skipholiday in Programming Languages

Hi i am developing alarm application for that i need to invoke alarm repeatedly for the same time in different days selected by the user.

what i meen if i set alarm time as 8PM and repeat option as sunday, tuesday the alarm will be invoked on every sunday, tuesday.

Any help would be appreciated.

How to Set the Alarm on a Lightning McQueen Alarm Light Clock
by chanley in Electronics
The Lightning McQueen Projection Night Light Alarm Clock displays the time on the LCD screen of the clock as well as projecting it onto the ceiling. The built-in night light provides a mild light source. Setting the alarm requires both the alarm time to be set, and the alarm option to be turned on. The Lightning McQueen alarm clock needs to be plugged in with the correct time set before setting th

How to Make Your Corolla's Alarm Chirp When the Alarm Is Activated
by Mahi in Cars
Toyota, founded in 1937, is one of the largest car manufacturers in the world. The line includes sedans, SUVs and the first ever mass-produced hybrid -- the Prius. Since its induction into the world of motor vehicles, Toyota has offered security features that go with the times, advancing as technology allows. One of these features is the car alarm. The car alarm has a plethora of features, includi

How to Connect a 120 Volt AC Smoke Alarm to an Alarm System
by J.W. Mosley in Home & Garden
Most hard-wired smoke detectors can be wired individually as stand-alone units, but a more efficient and safer method is to have a detector in all rooms except the kitchen and bathrooms. Wire the detectors together in a system so if one sounds the alarm they all will. By using this system potential victims are more likely to be awakened by the alarm and escape a fire.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInst

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