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Csh alias with perl one-liner evaluates when alias is created and not when alias is used
Category : Programming Languages

I know, I know, I should use a modern shell... Anyway, so here is the alias:

alias p4client echo `p4 info | perl -ne 's/Client name: (.*)$/print $1/e'`

I also know there is probably a better way to get the p4 client name. This is just an example. So, can anyone tell me a nice and clean way to get this to evaluate this when I invoke the alias rather than ev

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Alias Multiple 'AS' Statements - shorten amount of syntax - don't have to say “AS” for every alias?
Category : Databases

When using Aliases with your select query like this:

SELECT u.col1 AS u_col1
, u.col2 AS u_col2
, u.col3 AS u_col3
-- etc
, u2.col1 AS u2_col1
, u2.col2 AS u2_col2
, u2.col3 AS u2_col3

Is there a way to shorten the amount of syntax? So you don't have to say 'AS' for every alias?

I th

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How to change alias of table for Active::Record include option( default alias : table_name)
Category : Programming Languages

I am facing a similar issue: https://github.com/binarylogic/searchlogic/issues/30 when I use include in my query which is returned by searchlogic. This issue was there since 3 years. I hope someone might have know the fix. And also I didn't find implementation of include (source).
Any guide on the issue will be helpful. Is there any way to change table alias for different joins???

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Alternative to 'alias' in Linux, on machine that doesn't support alias?
Category : Operating Systems

I'm running some code on a fairly locked-down cluster. I'm still figuring out what I can and can't do on this machine (e.g. I can't edit my own .bashrc, but I can set up RSA authentication for SSH).

Anyway, it appears that the cluster has disallowed using alias. When I do alias tinyName=/path/to/really_really_long_executable_filename, typing the command

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How to add class-specific alias without generic alias using Roxygen2?
Category : Programming Languages

A simple example is that I have created an extension to show, which is a S4 base method. I don't want to cause a disambiguation fork by re-documenting show in my package, and I also want to consolidate the documentation of my extension to show in the documentation for the new class, myPkgSpClass, by adding an alias for show,myPkgSpClass-

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Alias entry in LDAP and fetching alias data
Category : Programming Languages

I am completely new in LDAP. I am not getting how to create alias in LDAP. I am using Spring-LDAP template in my project.
My scenario is : Imran Khan can be found under Sports as well as Politics. I want to create alias entry against "Imran Khan" political links with sports. Can a single LDAP query server both normal entry and alias entry. Or I have to write two different queries for this

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Alias: How can i send “alias” to background?
Category : Network & Servers

I would like to send alias with input parameters to a back

the alias:

alias aaa="/script.sh"


aaa input1 input2 inpu3

now i can send aaa to background by adding "&> /dev/null &" but adding this to an alias doesn't work because of the input

aaa input1 input2 inpu3 &> /dev/null

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MySQL 1066: Not unique table/alias error even though I have defined table alias
Category : Databases

My Sql query is

Select a.sum_total FROM
OneWayNetTransactionRes a
OneWayNetTransactionRes b
a,frm_id = b.to_id
AND a.to_id = b.frm_id

Where OneWayNetTransactionRes is a view.

CREATE VIEW `OneWayNetTransactionRes` AS
SELECT frm_id, to_id, sum(amount) total_amount
FROM Transa

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How to treat a table that has an alias table as an alias?
Category : Databases

I currently have 3 tables:


The Drug keeps track of the scientific name (ex: acetaminophen) and the DrugAlias, which is a child of a Drug, keeps track of other possible names (ex: aspirin, acephen, aceta, paracetamol, etc.).

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How Can I use Alias in Where
Category : Programming Languages

This is my code but it's not working:

$select = $db->select()
->from(array('p' => 'products'), 'p.product_id')
->columns(array('x' => new Zend_Db_Expr('(SELECT...)'
->where('x = ?', 'value');
// Alternatively use columns('p.product_name')
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