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How to Unlock Goop & Alien X on the Game "Ben 10: Alien Force"
by Mytime34 in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Ben 10 Alien Force, released in October 2008, is a multiplatform game that follows Ben and his friends as they track down alien artifacts and investigate the disappearance of Grandpa Max. On this combination arcade and platform game, many players wish to have the use of popular characters Goop and Alien X. In the PlayStation Portable version, there are cheat codes that enable you to do exactly tha

How to Draw a UFO and an Alien
by Igor Carron in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Aliens and UFOs intrigue children and adults alike. Our fascination with extraterrestrial life stems from the knowledge that we may not be alone in our universe. Drawing aliens and UFOs may seem difficult at first because no one knows what they look like. By using a little imagination and creativity, UFOs and aliens can be drawn in a few simple steps.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Thing
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What Are Alien Bees?
by xeemzor in Home & Garden
An alien bee is a non-native bee. It is any species present in an area that is not its original or native habitat. Migration and human involvement are the two primary reasons non-native bees appear in an environment. Pollination and Pest ManagementPeople sometimes intentionally introduce non-native bees -- as well as non-native wasps and hornets, insects that are related to bees -- into an envi
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Lua and Alien structures
by tiagoggama in Programming Languages

I'm trying to redefine this C structure to Lua with alien 0.50 module however I have a two arrays of char at the end. Both szLibraryPath and szLibraryName are originally defined as
char szLibraryPath[MAX_PATH] in C. Can this be done with alien?

LIBRARY_ITEM_DATA = alien.defstruct{
{ "hFile", "long" },
{ "BaseOfDll", "long"
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Alien War Games
by wolf1306 in Hobbies, Games & Toys
War games pit the player against a rival faction, though the specifics of how they vie for dominance vary between sub-genres. War game sub-genres include real-time strategies, tactical role-playing games, empire builders and action games. For every sub-genre, there are war games that explore a conflict between humans and aliens. Real-Time StrategyReal-time strategy games combine resource gather
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How to Make Your Own Alien on Ben 10
by DaveF in Hobbies, Games & Toys
The "Ben 10: Alien Force" franchise features multiple aliens with varying looks and backgrounds. Create your own "Ben 10" alien by using the official site of the animated series. The "Ben 10: Alien Force" Alien Maker can be used in your browser. A gallery is available that shows creations from other fans of the series. Use the game's several controls to make a creature you would like to see in the
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Alien Games for PS2
by clamum in Hobbies, Games & Toys
The Playstation 2 console offers a wide selection of games based on aliens. Many of the games are based on movies or are adapted from other gaming consoles. Alien games are often placed in the action/adventure or first-person shooter category. Such games are typically rated as "Teen" or "Mature." Aliens vs. Predator: ExtinctionBased on the sci-fi movie Alien vs. Predator, "Alien vs. Predator: E
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Alien Art Projects
by DCal430 in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Aliens remain popular with both adults and children, and feature prominently in major films. People have long speculated about the existence of life on another planet. Children can create alien arts and crafts projects using basic art supplies. Since no one knows what aliens would look like if they existed, children can create aliens in any shape, size or color. Alien MasksCreate wearable alien
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Alien Fps Games
by Bong Munoz in Hobbies, Games & Toys
FPS is an acronym for "first person shooter." It is a term used to describe a genre of video games that involve the player controlling a single character armed with a gun or projectile weapon. First person shooter games are generally action/adventure based and are available for all major video-game consoles. "Aliens Vs. Predator""Aliens Vs. Predator" is based on the popular 20th Century Fox mov
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What Is a Non-Immigrant Alien?
by Scott Smith in Legal
Not everyone comes to America in order to become a citizen, and in our current time of controversy over immigration, illegal and otherwise, a citizen may need to learn about not only those people coming to the U.S. to enjoy our freedoms and lifestyle but also about those simply making extended stays. The reasons for an immigrant to become an American are many, but the reasons for someone to stay h

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