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Altering a multipart/XXX content type without altering the underlying parts
by rhinojosa in Programming Languages

I have an instance of MimeMessage which contains encrypted Parts.

The original content type is "multipart/encrypted; protocol="application/pgp-encrypted"; boundary="EncryptedBoundary12312345654654"

After decryption of each parts, I want the multipart header to change as:

"multipart/mixed; boundary="EncryptedBoundary12312345654654"


by dawza in Databases

Does altering the JOB_QUEUE_PROCESSES to 0 on an Oracle DB block the Oracle jobs from being scheduled too?

I found in http://download-west.oracle.com/docs/cd/A97630_01/server.920/a96521/jobq.htm some information about it, principally, the following:

The JOB_QUEUE_PROCESSES initialization
parameter controls whether a
coordinator job queue process is

altering a string with PHP
by ec888 in PHP

If I have filename.jpg, with PHP how would change it too filename123456789.jpg, where 123456789 is a timestamp, I currently do this,

$name = $filename;
$parts = explode(".", $name);
$filename = $parts[0].time().'.'.$parts[1];

however this just just leaves me with 123456789.

Altering a PDF document in PHP
by PsyberMonkey in PHP

Is it possible to convert a PDF document to HTML or text and then edit some text of the html/text file and recreate the PDF, all in a PHP script?

location.reload altering the url
by xetrill in Web Design

Does anyone know what could cause this piece of javascript to alter the url:

<script type="text/javascript">
window.setTimeout(function() {
}, 5000);

The window location accepts fragments and changes the url from /web/page/123321 to just /web/page

Anyone ever seen any

jQuery, altering css class itself
by davidg in Programming Languages

Is it possible to alter css class with jQuery? For instance if i have this class defined:


and now I want to change it to


without having to select all the elements of this class with $(".myClass"). The reason i want to do this is that i am a

Postgresql Altering Table
by kaktos in Databases

Is it possible to alter a table to add a new column and make that column a foreign key to another table in a single command in Postgresql? "alter table x add column y id references z(id)" doesn't seem to work as I had hoped.

Programmatically Altering Images
by Skipholiday in Programming Languages

I'd like to alter images programmatically. Specifically for the iPhone, but, general answers could help. For example, how could I, programmatically, add filters effects, such as those available in Photoshop.

Clearly it is possible as exemplified by apps such as Fat Booth. What is the starting point for this? Load an image as NSData and learn how PNGs are encoded and go to work with

Correct database? does it need altering?
by dagar in Databases

I'm creating a page where i want users to be able to book a seat for an event.

1 user can only book 1 seat
users have no seat selected upon login, first after buying into a spot
Need to able to clear seats table, without loosing anything from user-table (except ofcourse the assigned seats.)

I've created two tables, and since I'm pretty new to mySQL, I wanted to check

Altering the column in sql server
by wafe in Databases

I am using SQL Server 2005. When I try to set the primary key constraint for a column in the alter statement. it committed error. i used this following query,

alter table "table name" modify(field__name integer(size) primary key);

can u say what the error actually.. expect ur valuable answer.. if u know other methods send me the query..

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