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Altering a multipart/XXX content type without altering the underlying parts
Category : Programming Languages

I have an instance of MimeMessage which contains encrypted Parts.

The original content type is "multipart/encrypted; protocol="application/pgp-encrypted"; boundary="EncryptedBoundary12312345654654"

After decryption of each parts, I want the multipart header to change as:

"multipart/mixed; boundary="EncryptedBoundary12312345654654"


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altering a string with PHP
Category : PHP

If I have filename.jpg, with PHP how would change it too filename123456789.jpg, where 123456789 is a timestamp, I currently do this,

$name = $filename;
$parts = explode(".", $name);
$filename = $parts[0].time().'.'.$parts[1];

however this just just leaves me with 123456789.

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Altering a PDF document in PHP
Category : PHP

Is it possible to convert a PDF document to HTML or text and then edit some text of the html/text file and recreate the PDF, all in a PHP script?

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Category : Databases

Does altering the JOB_QUEUE_PROCESSES to 0 on an Oracle DB block the Oracle jobs from being scheduled too?

I found in http://download-west.oracle.com/docs/cd/A97630_01/server.920/a96521/jobq.htm some information about it, principally, the following:

The JOB_QUEUE_PROCESSES initialization
parameter controls whether a
coordinator job queue process is

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Altering list while iterating
Category : Programming Languages

Python noob here. I have a list of numbers represented as strings. Single digit numbers are represented with a zero and I'm trying to get rid of the zeroes. For instance, ['01', '21', '03'] should be ['1', '21', '3'].

My current solution seems a bit clumsy:

for item in list:
if item[0] == '0':
list[list.index(item)] = item[1]

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Altering ManagedObjects In NSArray
Category : Mobile Programming

I have an entity called 'Job' with two boolean attributes named 'completed' and 'logged'.
I am trying to retrieve all completed jobs that have not been logged at app start-up and change them to logged. I'm able to get all the completed but unlogged jobs with this fetchRequest:

NSPredicate *predicate = [NSPredicate predicateWithFormat:@"(completed == %@ && logged ==

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Altering margin in figure tag
Category : Web Design

I just began employing the figure and figcaption tag into a project, but have run into an issue I can't seem to find addressed.

Using the figure tag, the following image and caption automatically indents. I have a vertical row of additional media with h tags that looks nice and linear and want to keep it that way. The automatic indent from the figure tag throws that off in an unplea

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Altering MFT for files concatenating
Category : Web Design

I would like to concatenate two very large files in a near real time system.

I thought maybe to do something like:

1. In MFT, change first file null pointer (EOF), to point at the second file,
first data block
2. Update the first file metadata in MFT so it will represent the new
concatenate file.
3. Remove second file metadata from MFT <

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Altering jquery plugin
Category : Web Design

I am using the vegas slider as a background image for a site I am building. I have it working and configured to my liking, however my end goal is to be able have a random image load every page load.

I have seen methods on how to do that separately but I am not quite sure how I would alter/add on to this existing js to implement that.

Any helpful links or tutorials or sug

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Altering a linked list
Category : Programming Languages

You are given a Single Linked List a->b->c->d->1->2->3->4->e->f->g->h->5->6->7->8 . You have to alter this list to look like a->1->b->2->c->3->d->4->e->5->f->6->g->7->h->8 .

My approach uses an extra list where we remove the numbers form the list and store them separa

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