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NoSQL FREE alternative (alternative to ravendb) for C# development
by Luciano Campos in C & C++ & C#

I discovered raven-db and I liked it but then I saw the license... GPL or Pay

So I'm looking for good free for closed-source C# development raven-db alternative.
Seems like MongoDB and Berkley are GPL too.

And it's much better for me to find an embedded solution.

Alternative to MFC
by DarkKnightDude in Programming Languages


A lot of the upvoted comments claim there are much better alternatives. I'd like to know what they might be.

My main requirement is that the UI use the native widgets so that our automation software can work. Owner drawn windows are much harder to drive.

I'm not particularly liking t

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PC Anywhere Alternative
by Texas in Computers
PCAnywhere was among the first programs for accessing files remotely, performing functions by remote control and providing help desk assistance. Alternatives are now available with similar features and in some cases at no cost. They may use an encrypted path through a server on the Internet or operate point-to-point with the software installed on both ends of the connection. Remote ControlWith

ADT Alternative
by bikefixxer in Home & Garden
Home security is a major concern. You want to keep your family and your possessions safe and you want to feel secure in your own home. One of the nation's leaders in home security systems is ADT. Whether you go with ADT or not, you should consider various alternatives. After considering the alternatives, you can make an informed decision about your home security system. Use a Commercial Provide
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Alternative to JMF
by TRobison in Programming Languages

I am using The Java Media Framework.

This framework is rather slow at processing images.

Please could you recommend a free framework for working with images that is fast enough to work and support high-resolution web-camera?

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Alternative for GDI+
by Matthew Damp in Programming Languages

I like GDI+ because its high performance and it's included with Windows XP. However, its blur class and effect class is only available in GDI+ 1.1, which only comes with Windows Vista or later. Despite the fact that Microsoft plans to drop support for Windows XP soon, there are still a large percentage of people who are still sticking with XP. If you make any consumer-targeted software, you hav

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Is there any alternative to ta-lib?
by tonix in Programming Languages

ta-lib is a technical analysis library written in C with ports in some other languages.
I wonder if there is any other similar open-source library also in C.

CEF alternative?
by Justin Chen in Programming Languages

We are looking at cef embedded in our application, which is made of a host and Hydra visual plugins (we are working in Delphi XE3).
It looks nice until we try to dispose the plugin (which embeds cef). It seems that cef does not like being implemented into dlls. Here a post from other users with the same issue.

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com+ alternative in .net?
by Keeper in Programming Languages

What is the com+ alternative in .net? Is it .net remoting or WCF or something else.

Both the answers are correct that there are alternatives even I think we can use remoting and webservice to achieve functionalities of com+. or even can use wrapper for com+ too.But I am talking about is there something that could depricate com+ , like in java we have EJB as an alternative of com+, i

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Alternative Dye for Tie-Dye
by besn in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Tie-dyeing fabrics is a fun DIY project, but chemical dyes aren't environmentally friendly and they can be harsh on sensitive skin when used on garments. A low-cost, eco-friendly alternative is to make your own alternative dyes. Natural alternative dyes can be made with things found in your refrigerator, farmer's market or the produce section of your local grocery store. Nearly any color you find
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