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How to add price and quantity details when adding a product to Amazon seller central Using Amazon MWS?
by ChristianM in Programming Languages

I am using Amazon MWS Feeds API for adding products to Amazon seller central store. When I use an example from Amazon's Feeds API Section Reference, products added to the store without price. I've added the code below I used for adding product to Amazon seller central store.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
<AmazonEnvelope xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/200

How can I retrieve DetailedPageUrl of Amazon Order Item using Amazon Market Webservices
by SpunkyJones in Web Design

I am downloading Order Reports from my Seller Accounts using Amazon Market Webservices.Now i want to generate a url which will browse me through the Item on Amazon. I didn't get any info to browse detaile page on Amazon except AmazonOrderItemCode .Is there any possibility to generate a url to Order Item using Amazon Market Webservices.

Kindly help me.

Thanks in advance.<

How can I use Hive on top of Amazon Elastic Mapreduce to process data in Amazon Simple DB?
by Oli in Programming Languages

I have a lot of data in an Amazon Simple DB Domain. I want to start Hive on Elastic Map Reduce (on top of hadoop) and somehow, either import data from simpledb or, connect to simpledb and run hiveql queries on it. I have having issues importing the data. Any pointers?

Does it make senesce to use Amazon RDS with app hosted on other managed hosting service (not amazon)
by mikeymikec in Databases

I am developing a mobile app and I am now getting to the stage where I want to put all my back-end server code online for the production version (I actually want to release my app). The back-end consists of 2 parts:

MySQL Database
Actual PHP files for app access.

Looking for a service that is popular, highly scaleable and proven, I came across Amazon Web Services. Now whil

How to get the list of price offers on an item from Amazon with python-amazon-product-api item_lookup function?
by Oli in Programming Languages

I am trying to write a function to get a list of offers (their prices) for an item based on the ASIN:

def price_offers(asin):
from amazonproduct import API, ResultPaginator, AWSError
from config import AWS_KEY, SECRET_KEY
api = API(AWS_KEY, SECRET_KEY, 'de')
str_asin = str(asin)
node = api.item_lookup(id=str_asin, ResponseGroup='Offers

Permission error when trying to connect SSRS on amazon EC2 to amazon RDS MSSQL
by Steve O. in Databases

I am trying to deploy SSRS on amazon EC2 instance and connect it to report DB on RDS. Since amazon RDS doesn't support SSRS, my other option is to open dedicated EC2 instance with MSSQL server on it.

I've tried creating the ReportDB from SSRS configuration utility - getting configuration exception: "User does not have permission to perform this action.". It's most probably caused by

Amazon bulk bata entry using amazon excel template
by JustinDSN in Programming Languages

I'm try ing to upload 15K+ product on Amazon.com using their excel template. My issue is if the product is already in amazon ASINs it wouldn't let me to upload it and it show me error like

BK200CH4X6-1700 8042 Error SKU 'BK200CH4X6-1700' could correspond to
multiple ASINs in the Amazon catalog. Please review the possible
matches below. If your product is th

Parallel uploading to Amazon S3 using Ruby and amazon.rubyforge.org
by xguru in Programming Languages

I am using Amazon S3 service to upload different directories (and the files inside) to different buckets (directory -> bucket).
I am coding in Ruby, and I am using the lib http://amazon.rubyforge.org.

The files are small (about 20KB).

I'd like to upload the directories in parallel (using many threads) but I have to use synchronize around the S3Object.store

how to use a private yum repo on amazon-s3 to provision amazon-ec2 instances?
by wcf in Web Design

My fantasy is to be able to spin up a standard AMI, load a tiny script and end up with a properly configured server instance.

Part of this is that I would like to have a PRIVATE yum repo in S3 that would contain some proprietary code.

It seems that S3 wants you to either be public or use AMZN's own special flavor of authentication.

Is there any way that I can

Coupling Amazon EC2, Amazon S3 and Android app for photo sharing
by dawp in Android

I decided to go with Amazon AWS for my Android cloud app, which is a photo sharing app. I set up an instance on EC2 with PHP and MySql, for handling simple requests and storing basic user information. I also set up a S3 service to store all the photos.

But now I'd like some advice. I'm not sure how to handle the three together. Should the EC2 server always be used as a mediator betw

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