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How to select peak amount dates from table with date and amount columns
by nipj in Databases

I have a table with 2 columns, date and amount. I want to be able to find x day peaks in amount. So if I have the following table and am looking for say 3 day peaks, meaning amount is higher that day than any day for 3 days before or after then that date will be selected.

date amount
2012-09-04 | 53137.47
2012-09-05 | 53137.2
2012-09-06 | 53137.54

How come python-apt amount of updates don't match the debian update manager amount?
by dfrolov in Programming Languages
import apt
apt_cache = apt.Cache() #High level
x = 0
for package_name in apt_cache.keys():
selected_package = apt_cache[package_name]
#Verify that the package can be upgraded
if selected_package.isUpgradable:
x += 1
severity= selected_pack

How to get this to work “SELECT COUNT(x) AS amount … WHERE amount > 0”?
by Hosein Mohtasham in Databases

Due to the syntax of mySQL this statement is not allowed (a counted element cannot be used within the WHERE part):

Illegal syntax:
SELECT COUNT(x) AS amount ... WHERE amount > 0

But how do I handle a COUNTed element via WHERE ?

carouFredSel - set visible amount to actual amount of images - and still scroll?
by Rob M in Web Design

I'm working with this scroller


I have this setup below.

My issue is I have it set to visible: 4 and I have 4 images, so it doesn't scroll. If I set it to visible: 3 then it works as expected. But I want to show all 4 images in one screen when you open the browser full width on a 1920px wide reso

How to Calculate the Amount of My GST Rebate Amount in Ontario
by BooTeK in Personal Finance
The Government of Canada provides quarterly payments to qualifying Canadians to compensate for the financial strain of the Goods and Services Tax. Though the GST has been combined in Ontario with the provincial sales tax into the Harmonized Sales Tax, Ontario residents can still qualify for the GST credit. In general, your family income must be low to qualify for this credit. The Canada Revenue Ag

What Is the Difference Between Residual Amount & Payoff Amount?
by dlouzan in Personal Finance
Financing and leasing options can be voluminous when shopping for an automobile. Automobile dealers often refer to payoff and residual amounts when discussing leasing options. A payoff amount can also refer to vehicle financing. Mechanics of LeasingWhen you lease a car, you agree to pay a specified amount over a set period of months to use the vehicle. The process begins similarly to a tradi

Give a new amount of something when greater than a defined amount
by cengel4 in Programming Languages

Okay so I am trying to award jackpot entries every time a user completes a task, but I want to give out more than one entry when the task awards more than a certain amount.

Let me break this down.

When a user completes a task that awards $0.05 or more they receive 1 entry into the jackpot. What I am trying to achieve is this. When they complete a task that is worth $0.50

How to Calculate the Amount of Condensate Per Amount of Steam
by WiseUp216 in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Steam is simply water that has boiled and changed states. The heat input into water is kept in the steam as total heat that is latent heat and sensible heat. As steam condenses, it gives up its latent heat and the liquid condensate retains the sensible heat. Industrial processes that use steam in heating systems must also capture the condensate to maintain a high efficiency. Therefore, the amo

Amount of Bleach to Use per Amount of Water for Cleaning
by qba73 in Home & Garden
Chlorine bleach is an inexpensive, easily obtained chemical that can be diluted with water and used to clean, disinfect and sanitize a variety of surfaces. When correctly mixed, the sodium hypochlorite in bleach-water solutions removes dirt and grime, eliminates unsightly stains and kills a wide variety of fungi, bacteria and germs, while causing no harm to the underlying item. All-Purpose Spra

Why Is the Amount Financed Less Than the Mortgage Amount?
by imported_bman in Personal Finance
Federal regulations require mortgage companies and other lenders to provide a truth-in-lending statement within three days of loan application. The truth-in-lending statement usually accompanies the good-faith estimate whenever a lender quotes a mortgage loan's costs or interest rate. The federal government requires the truth-in-lending disclosure under the Consumer Protection Act, Regulation Z. F

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