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How to Connect an Analog VCR to an Analog TV
by Erik Ordway in Electronics
The way we connect our TV equipment to its media storage has greatly evolved over the years. Though the United States has mostly switched to digital, there are still regions where analog is used. There are various analog connections, but only one of them has been used as a standard across all analog VCRs and analog TVs. That would be the "Coaxial" AV connection, which can be found on all analog mo

How Do I Know If My TV Is Analog?
by Anderson in Electronics
On June 12, 2009, all television stations in the United States switched to all-digital broadcasting. If you have an analog television and want to continue viewing over-the-air programming, you must either subscribe to a cable, satellite, or telecommunications provider, or you must install an analog-to-digital converter box. There are several ways to determine if your television set is either anal
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What Is Analog RGB?
by Mariocki in Electronics
The initials RGB stand for the three primary colors used for television screen presentations: red, green and blue. Both analog and digital signals carry this information, but analog has been in use longer. Home entertainment system users, marketers and manufacturers use the term RGB loosely to describe various types of formats, connections and cables. Analog RGBAn analog signal produces a wavef
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Which TVs Are Analog TVs?
by JoseWalrus in Electronics
Analog TVs have officially passed into the realm of the obsolete. They provided reliable television reception for many decades---starting with the Golden Age of television in the 1950s and lasting all the way until the early 21st century---but advancing technology eventually gave way to digital signals, which are now broadcast exclusively on every station in the United States. A number of differen
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What Is an Analog TV?
by Koen Willemse in Electronics
The digital crossover in 2009 heightened the differences between older analog TVs and the digital televisions that have now replaced them. The need for the crossover and the changes it entailed may not be clear if you don't know what analog TV is or how digital TVs are different. Though they have now gone the way of the dodo, analog TVs were a hugely successful form of technology, ushering the me
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Uses for Analog TV
by TheMoo in Electronics
In June 2009, full-scale digital broadcasting began and analog television sets have not been unable to receive broadcast signals. Since then, thousands of sets have been discarded and destroyed. However, if you have held onto your old analog set, there are some creative uses for it. Decorative ObjectIf you go for the off-beat, you can make your old TV more interesting to look at by simply paint
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How to Fix a PSP Analog
by Vacant Space in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Sony's PlayStation Portable handheld gaming device features an analog joystick similar to the one found on Sony's Dualshock and Sixaxis PlayStation controllers. This analog stick is not a very durable piece and during rigorous play can get stuck and become non-functional. To fix the analog stick, you will need to open up the PSP and repair the joystick mechanism.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructi
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What is Analog?
by Derek in Electronics
Analog technology dominated the audio industry for more than a century. Beginning with the first primitive analog devices of the 1870s, they were often the sole viable means of recording sound until the introduction of the compact disc in the 1980s. Although some forms of audio are now approaching obsolescence, one form continues to cling to life due to its unique virtues.
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What Is the Analog to Digital TV About?
by Yannis Roussochatzakis in Electronics
In 2009, full-power television stations in the U.S. ceased broadcasting analog signals and began broadcasting exclusively in a digital format. This meant that millions of Americans who received free over-the-air analog broadcasts -- rather than purchasing satellite or cable TV service -- needed to connect their TV to a special converter box to continue receiving the signals. The transition, which

Any analog of rsync for Ant?
by JSebok in Programming Languages

I need some analog of rsync for ant. The issue is to copy files from source directory to the set of subdirectories that was previously accomplished with script

rsync -r --ignore-existing $BASE_DIR/common/config/* $BASE_DIR/config

Thanks for any help

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