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Enhanced link attribution in Google Analytics In-page Analytics not working
by negonicrac in Development Tools & Services

Has anyone been able to use and see the Enhanced Link Attribution data in the In-Page Analytics interface of Google Analytics as per this document?


I've implemented this plugin and call and I can see the data being transferred to GA in my __utm.gif call however when viewing the In-page Analytics o

Manipulating Google Analytics Data - Educational Purpose: How trust worthy ist a G. Analytics Report
by christiandsg in Web Design

I need a modified Javascript which inflated the pageviews, unique visitors and visitor count!

For educational purposes because I want to see if there are certain patterns when artificaly altering the G. Analytics report

I coded this but it does not work:

<script type="text/javascript">
var i=0;
for (i=0;i<=10;i++) {
var _gaq = _ga

Error with Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework (MSAF) and Google Analytics with Marketplace Test Kit
by GreenChile in Mobile Programming

The title explains itself. I know there have been more people with this issue and I couldn't find a solution.

I read that a popup was required to be closed, but I don't know where this popup is or what to do.

Error: Pressing back button in "MainPage.xaml" does not close the dialog box.

It actually appears in all my pages.

Thanks in advance.

It's possible to validate/lint/bleach a piece of code given by analytics/tracking sites like Google Analytics or Piwik
by kodeninja in Programming Languages

I provide in the administration interface of the site I make an area for the webmaster to place tracking codes from external analytic tools. Essentially, this codes must be included 'as-is', but my concern is that any typo could render the page useless, mess-up the HTML, etc...

It's possible (at some extent) to cleanup/validate these codes so I least it ensures the HTML won't be cor

How to Block Google Analytics From Tracking My Visits to Any Website Using Analytics
by pansapiens in Computers
Google Analytics is a tracking service that allows a webmaster to see anonymous information about the people who visit her website, such as the search engine that they came from, what they searched for and how long they spent on the site. Because the service costs nothing, many webmasters join it to gain more information about their visitors. However, you do not have to participate if you feel tha

Data visualization / analytics / dashboard in ASP.NET (NOT Google analytics integration)
by TRobison in ASP & ASP.net

I need to create an ASP.NET site which can display graphs, charts, statistics for a dashboard type application pulling data from a backend data source.

I am trying to locate either:

(a) open-source modules that I can use / build up on

(b) tutorials which teach the above

(c) existing modules (preferably low-cost) that work well.

I did

Google Analytics - In Page Analytics - Can not see everyone's date only logged in data
by taviso in Programming Languages

The team @ CliqFlip has built a social network and the problem is that in Google Analytics In Page analytics it only shows the data of you when you're logged in.

I.E. Cannot get to landing page without being logged in, so you're logged in as a user and In Page Analytics only shows your stats where you click

What we want: To be able to see where the masses are clicking

Security on Google Analytics and other client-side analytics tools?
by ChristianM in Web Design

Google Analytics tracks users through a client-side javascript that customers place on their site. As is well known in the security community, client-side input cannot be trusted.

So, I was wondering, what prevents the following from occuring:

Malicious users faking requests to give misleading information to a website owner. For example, they might make them think that mo

iOS & Google Analytics: Does pointing to an rss feed register in web analytics?
by Indiana in Operating Systems

If an iPhone application has a blog section which parses and displays individual pages from a feedburner feed, will those hits show up in the web Google Analytics?

If not, if I add Google Analytics to the iOS application itself, is there a way to combine the data?

Displaying Analytics Dashboard for Clients using Google Analytics
by Matt Willtrout in Development Tools & Services

We have certain amount of clients and each of us will have their pages on our website. We have to show them the analytics for their particular page. For this, we have the data on Google Analytics according to pages.

On the client admin page, they should be able to view the analytics for their page. This has to be coming from Google Analytics.

I have tried using the Cor

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