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AndEngine Applying Transparancy to AndEngine View
Category : Programming Languages

I am developing a game with the help of andEngine in Android.
I have defined background in layout xml and trying to put some component on the screen using AndEngine.
But the AndEngine captured area is not transparent. All the background captured by AndEngine goes black.
I am using org.andengine.opengl.view.RenderSurfaceView in xml and LayoutGameActivity in code.

Thanks in a

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andengine: Add a view containing UI controls on top of andengine using addContentView
Category : Programming Languages

I am trying to create an EditText on top of an andengine game to act as an ingame chatbox. The method I am using works fine on Android 2.2.1 IDEOS 2, Emulator Android 2.1, Emulator Android 2.2, Emulator Android 2.3.

UPDATE 25/APR/2012: Recently tested on Samsung Galaxy S SGH-T959 Android 2.1-Update1, it is working fine except for minor alignment issues, is this a problem of Android

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runOnUpdateThread in andengine
Category : Programming Languages

Could anyone explain exactly what this method does in AndEngine?

runOnUpdateThread(new Runnable() {
// to safely detach and re-attach the sprites
public void run() {


To be more specific, the runOnUpdateThread in general

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andengine for c sharp
Category : Programming Languages

Ive come across some discussion about c sharp and java. and it seems that a lot of programmer here in stackoverflow likes c sharp more than java. look in here
Why is C# suddenly so popular?

hehe im just curious if i can use andegine library in csharp using mono?
or to be precise can i use java libraries in c sharp when creating android application?

Is there a d

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Not able to run andengine in Windows 7
Category : Operating Systems

I tried with small game using andeninge..Its working in Window XP system. Same project if I import or create a new project using andeninge I get run time error like

07-25 17:34:43.854: E/AndroidRuntime(280): FATAL EXCEPTION: main
07-25 17:34:43.854: E/AndroidRuntime(280): java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to start activity ComponentInfo{com.m2f/com.m2f.AndengineActivity}:

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AndEngine Fragments
Category : Programming Languages

I just started working with AndEngine and I was wondering if anyone could help me create two fragments to split the screen. I tried using the split screen functionality in AndEngine, but that just copies the screen. I would like to create two independently running halves. The left screen is to be a scrollable menu type screen with buttons which will change what a touch will do on the right scre

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Camera follows car in andengine
Category : Programming Languages

I'm making race game.I have created srpite image of car.And I attached it to carBody(box2d).I have big map.So how can camera follow the car?

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Andengine WakeLock
Category : Programming Languages

Is that mandatory to give WAKE_LOCK permission in andengine?????
IF i try to remove this WAKE_lock permission I am getting security EXception


01-28 09:57:48.417: DEBUG/dalvikvm(166): Added shared lib /system/lib/libjni_latinime.so 0x437577d0
01-28 09:59:02.966: ERROR/AndEngine(225): You have to add
01-28 09:59:02.966: ERROR/AndEngine(225):

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AndEngine and PathModifier
Category : Programming Languages

Hi there I am designing a game using AndEngine and PhysicsBox2DExtension.

A car driving around in the game and I am using Path to do that. The problem is the car does not hit the obstacles in the game.

Is there a way I can add velocity to the body using path?

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Could not find andengine.apk?
Category : Web Design

I tried copying some code from one project to another, but on the second project, when I run it, I get the errors:

[2012-07-09 17:06:34 - AndEngine] Could not find AndEngine.apk!
[2012-07-09 17:06:34 - AndEnginePhysicsBox2DExtension] Could not find AndEnginePhysicsBox2DExtension.apk!


I've read through the numerous suggested sol

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