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How can I detect a touch on an animated subview ? Or click an animated UIButton?
by Floubadour in Mobile Programming

I have a view that is moving. The view is sometimes on and sometimes off screen - it is twice the width of the screen.
In this view, there are buttons that I need to be able to click.
I've tried doing this in many ways already - using pure buttons
using touches began on UIView

I'm doing the animation using a CGPath in core animation

Any help would be m

How to Make Free Animated Clothes Creations With Animated Models
by timswim78 in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
If you have always dreamed of being a fashion designer, or you just want to test your skills of designing and running a runway show, you can demonstrate your eye for fashion by designing clothes online. A variety of popular websites allow you to create your own fashions and put together an entire look online.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Log onto a clothing design website online. Websites that al

Animated gif or flash (or other) for small animated element on website?
by ondrej in Web Design

I am redesigning a site, and the client is set on keeping a small looping Flash animation that is on the current version.

They have asked if it would be better to replace it with an animated GIF version or to keep the current version, and I don't know the answer (apart from get rid of it!). Is either method preferred?

Is there a way to cancel an animated UITableView/UIScrollView setContentOffset:animated:?
by Kiltec in Mobile Programming

My app is crashing when my UITableView is released whilst animating. The app functions without issue so long as the animation completes. Below is the result of a tap on the UIButton which calls [tableView setContentOffset:offset animated:YES]; and then a lightning quick tap on the backBarButtonItem which pops the UITableViewController

Problem with uiscrollview setcontentoffset animated not scrolling when animated:yes is set
by dunlop in Mobile Programming

This is very odd and I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts?

I'm trying to scroll a UIScrollView in response to a button press on the iPad.

If I do:

CGPoint currentOff = scrollView.contentOffset;
[scrollView setContentOffset:currentOff animated: NO];

The scroll view jumps to the required position as exp

AS3 determine differnce between animated and not-animated gif?
by Skurge in Web Design

Is there a way in AS3 to determine the difference between animated and not-animated gif?

Can you join GIFs and/or Animated GIFs into a single Animated GIF?
by pulkizine in Web Design

Does anyone know if it's possible to join several gifs or animated gifs into one animated gif (ie. concat the frames together into one master animated gif)?

I'd like to have some server side function to do this.

The file will be identical in dimensions, mode etc, just their content will differ.


Animated tab widget for Qt
by mitry in Programming Languages

I'm sure that you've seen Visual Studio tabs. Like output tab, solution explorer tab, Class tab and others. But I need such tabs in Qt. I know that Qt has something named QDockWidget, But that's not desired for me. I need some tabs that I can for example hide that, or make it floatable or dockable . Some thing like vs ones. Do you know some third party widget like that?

TAGS : Animated widget

Scale down animated GIF with PHP GD
by crazy2383 in PHP

Is it possible to scale down a animated GIF with PHP GD so that it's still animated? If so, how?

How do I rotate an animated gif using PHP?
by AJ. in PHP

Is there any code out there that will allow me to rotate an animated gif 180 degrees while still maintaining the animation?

I tried using the standard imagerotate function (changing the appropriate things from jpeg to gif), but it still only outputs the first frame.

I also found http://stackoverflow.com/a/9356895/462158, but I would like to find something other than Imag


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