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Anniversary Gift Ideas for a 13th Wedding Anniversary
by FlyOnTheWall43 in Weddings
A 13th wedding anniversary is not a landmark anniversary like the 10th or 25th, but it is a day worth acknowledging and celebrating. Most anniversaries are associated with gift traditions such as particular metals, textiles or gemstones. Use the traditional gifts for the 13th anniversary and a little creativity to offer thoughtful 13th wedding anniversary gifts. LaceHappy-anniversary.com note

What Is the Traditional Anniversary Gift for the 1st Wedding Anniversary?
by saikoh in Weddings
Tradition and etiquette dictates that you use paper for your first wedding anniversary gift. At first glance, this may seem less-than-romantic. However, with some creativity and artistic know-how, you can create a sentimental anniversary gift using just paper. When searching for or creating an anniversary gift, remember you can not only celebrate your time together but look forward to the years ah

Homemade Anniversary Gifts for 2nd Anniversary
by Uppsala9496 in Weddings
A traditional gift for a second anniversary includes anything made of cotton. Homemade anniversary gifts range from entirely handcrafted to altered items. A handmade apron or blanket offers a memorable keepsake. Altered gifts made of cotton such as an embroidered tote bag or a painted T-shirt turns an existing belonging into a homemade gift ideal for a second anniversary. ApronBoth men and wome

Anniversary Gifts for a 7th Anniversary
by Rakewell in Weddings
Wedding anniversaries always seem to make people smile. They present opportunities to rekindle romance and ignite the flame that brought two people together. Putting some thought into an anniversary gift can make the day even more meaningful and special for a couple, regardless of how many years they have been together. For a 7th wedding anniversary, there are several types of unique gift ideas to

What to Buy for 50th Anniversary
by Tom Arleth in Holidays & Celebrations
Traditionally, a 50th wedding anniversary is celebrated with a gift of gold. Fifty years of marriage is truly as precious as gold, so a gift of this nature is very appropriate. Although the idea of giving gold to someone celebrating a 50th wedding anniversary is traditional, it doesn't mean the gift you give must be gold. Fortunately, there are many other 50th wedding anniversary gifts one can giv

What Is an Anniversary Clock?
by ms-access in Holidays & Celebrations
The anniversary clock is an old fashioned spring driven clock with a curious spinning pendulum. The clocks are very ornamental, have an "old world" style and are usually made of brass and crystal. The clocks are often given as wedding gifts and proudly displayed on the mantel for years to come. HistoryThe term "anniversary clock" was copyrighted by Bowler & Burdock Company in 1901, an Ohio cloc

How to: DIY Anniversary Decorations
by RKelln in Holidays & Celebrations
Anniversaries are an important celebration not only for the happy couple, but for all of the important people in the couple's life. To add ambiance and charm to an anniversary celebration, make some unique decorations from materials you might even have at home. Getting hands-on will allow you to create personal decorations that are specifically suited to the special guests of honor.Difficulty:Easy

What Are Anniversary Rings?
by FallenHero in Relationships & Family
More commonly known as eternity bands, anniversary rings represents the renewed commitment of spouses. Typically given as anniversary gifts, these rings come in a variety of styles and prices. Where to WearAn eternity ring is typically worn on the third finger of the left hand, but it can also be worn on the third finger of the right hand if desired. Unlike wedding or engagement rings, the loca

8th Anniversary Gifts for Him
by Joshua Johnson in Weddings
The gifts for an eighth anniversary are traditionally pottery or bronze. When you are searching for the perfect gift to give to him on your eighth anniversary, consider these materials for the item you buy. There is no hard and fast rule about using these traditional materials for your anniversary gift, which means that you should feel free to buy or make something you know he will enjoy. For t

What Gifts are for What Anniversary?
by Vrki in Weddings
Many prefer to give specific gifts depending on a particular wedding anniversary, but with a themed present designated for most wedding anniversaries from the first to the hundredth, some may have no idea what exactly those gift themes are. There are typically two types of presents to choose from -- traditional or modern. Although there is a long list of gifts, there are especially significant ann

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