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How to insert answer into “Answer” table
by DesiPower in Programming Languages

JSfiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/ybZvv/57/

I have a fiddle here where the user can append row and select answers for each row. To use the fiddle please follow steps below:

When you open the fiddle, click on the "Add Question" button
twice. This will append two rows underneath.
In first row select buttons A and B, these buttons will turn green
and underneath you

how stackoverflow selects the answer which is provided by me ,when i clicks on that particular answer
by Matt Corr in Web Design

When you click on this link, you can see that the stack overflow will selects the answer with light saffron color and it will fade with in a few seconds.
The thing i noticed is that how they will selects the corresponding answer by the user. There are a lot of answers but SO will selects the answer which is provided by this user. The screen will be automatically scroll down and we can see

check given answer answer if match random quest
by jihe in Programming Languages

Hi I am using this code to generate random question:

session_start(); //this was missing from this file
//connect to db
$id=rand(0,13); //2nd number = highest ID
if ($res = $mysqli->query("SELECT quest FROM table WHERE ID='$id'")){
$resQ = $res->fetch_assoc();
echo "" . $resQ['quest'] . "";

how to find out whether dynamic programming's answer is the optimal answer or not?
by Super56K in Development Tools & Services

what sort of algorithm should I use beside to find out whether dynamic programming's answer to the problem is the optimal answer or not?
could you suggest some papers to help me find out that?

How to Get a T-Value Answer
by Rit Li in Education
T-tests are used to find out differences between two tests groups. Each of these groups has an endpoint, such as the end of the year or something similar. Calculating a t-value answer is a process that requires a good grasp of basic math as well as an understanding of statistics. You should also have a calculator available, just in case your results are too difficult to figure out in your head or
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How to Answer a Fax
by ziqew in Business
Faxing allows individuals and businesses to send and receive hard copies of documents but many people do not know what to do when a fax arrives. There are different types of faxes that you can receive. Some of these come through your email box and others arrive via a facsimile machine connected and attached to a telephone line. Mastering the receipt of faxes will keep you from losing crucial files
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How to Take No for an Answer
by dfrolov in Relationships & Family
Dating is rife with rejection. If you're looking for love, you're going to get rejected. It's an unavoidable part of the process. But just because you hear "no" one or two or ten hundred times, doesn't mean you're headed to love's no man's land. It is my hope that these tips help you take no for an answer while keeping your hopes up that you will find the love you desire.Difficulty:ModerateInstruc
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How to Answer Why You Should Get a Particular Job
by eskimospy in Careers & Job Searching
There are many different questions you need to know how to answer for a job interview. No matter what your career level or what type of job you're applying for, certain questions will always pop up during the interview process. One of these questions is why you should get the particular job you're interviewing for over the other candidates. Being able to answer this question without fumbling gives

Need some answer about example.php/example
by Enzo in Development Tools & Services

I am doing on a project and i stumble upon on this while going through some code. I had tried to google but could not find a correct keyword to search regarding this question.


I am confuse with this and the end of a .php it still have a character /red for example.
What is the purpose of this?

How to Get the Answer for a Monomial
by Chris in Education
Getting an answer for a monomial depends on what type of operating you are performing on it. For clarification, a monomial is a term consisting of constants and variables, such as 2x, 2x^2 or 2x^2yp^3. The method you must use to engage in monomial multiplication is different than the method you must use to engage in monomial division. Likewise, there are different methods for monomial addition, su
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