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How Do I Know If My Mac Has AppleCare?
by Alberto Maturano in Computers
AppleCare is an extended warranty system that provides repair, troubleshooting, and replacement services on a wide range of Apple products. AppleCare is not included with your purchase and must be paid for in addition to what you spend on your new laptop, phone or tablet device. If you want to check to see whether your product is currently covered by an AppleCare warranty, you can do so on Apple's
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How to Buy AppleCare
by glenn1 in Computers
Apple offers a comprehensive warranty for most of the hardware products. All of these products come with customer support for 90 days and one-year repair coverage. Purchasing the Applecare Protection Plan extends both of these services to three years. This tutorial explains how to buy Applecare Protection Plan from Apple's online store.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Apple pro
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How to Add AppleCare to Devices
by igv in Electronics
Problems are bound to happen when you own electronic equipment, which is why the AppleCare warranty protection is essential to insure your Apple products. AppleCare extends the life of the warranty for your Apple computer or mobile device by up to two additional years from the original date of purchase and includes hardware repair coverage, software support and telephone technical support. The App

How to Activate AppleCare
by NoTine42 in Computers
AppleCare is a range of products that provides you with support for your Apple device. In some cases, AppleCare can cover the costs of repairs and replacement devices. When you purchase an Apple product, you may be offered the opportunity to purchase an AppleCare plan. Registering the plan ensures that it is activated. Once it is activated, you can receive exclusive offers and updates periodically

How to Extend AppleCare
by mg. in Computers
When you buy a product from Apple, such as a desktop computer, laptop, iPad or iPod, it comes with 90 days of free technical support and a one-year limited warranty. Apple makes both the products and the operating systems for its devices, so it offers integrated support for the items it sells. If you want to extend AppleCare protection, you can increase the warranty for a computer and display to t
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How to Transfer AppleCare
by DesiPower in Computers
The AppleCare Protection Plan extends warranty coverage on Apple products to three years from the purchase date of a Mac or Apple display and to two years from the purchase date of an iPad, iPhone, iPod, or Apple TV. You can purchase the plan at any time during the initial one-year warranty period of an Apple product. AppleCare can be transferred one time only.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things

How to Register AppleCare
by Mandaris in Computers
When you purchase most new Apple hardware products, one year of complimentary repairs and 90 days of complimentary tech support are included. But if you purchase an AppleCare plan in addition to the product, you can extend both of these support services for three years from the original purchase date. Registering your AppleCare account is a required step.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions P

Do I Need AppleCare for an iPad?
by Paul in Computers
AppleCare isn't necessary for any device, but it can give you peace of mind if you're concerned about your iPad. The iPad costs significantly less than Apple's desktop and laptop computers, so the AppleCare price tag may seem steep, but it does extend your warranty protection and may cover companion devices as well in some cases. What Is AppleCare?AppleCare is a warranty plan offered through Ap

How to Tell When AppleCare Expired
by Ben Kohn in Computers
A bad component, corrupt software or even a loose screw can cause your Apple device to give out or act up. With an AppleCare protection plan, damages for which the consumer is not responsible are covered by Apple. When your AppleCare Plan expires, you will assume the repair costs. With your device's serial number, you can check when AppleCare expires.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Navigate to Appl

How to Find Out How Much AppleCare You Have Left
by CodeOfficer in Computers
The AppleCare Protection Plan is an optional plan offered by Apple to extend the warranty and phone support offered on Apple products. Most Apple products come with 90 days of complimentary telephone support and a one-year limited warranty. The AppleCare Protection Plan extends both of these features to a full three years after the purchase of your Apple computer, or two years after the purchase o

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