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Redeploying a .net click once application fails with error “application cannot be started. contact the application vendor.”
by Gerle in Programming Languages

Details in the error say "Cannot make this application an online application because the previous version is installed. To install this application uninstall the previous version, or mark this application as installed."

My android Application instance(Application class) is destroyed after I stay my application in background after 2-3 minutes
by dreshyne2g in Android

I use Application class to store my android application global parameters.But when I go to other app and stay my app to background for about several minutes, my app can not run again. Because I get parameters from the Application class but now it becomes empty.

My question is why it like that and how to solve this problem?
And I also saw a thread foll

Launching external application and block current application till the launched application quit
by yaplik in Programming Languages

I am not sure whether there is a way to

Launch an external application, and block current application till the launched application had quit.

Currently, I am using the following non-blocking method (MFC) to launch

std::string str = "Notepad2.exe";
// Non-blocking. Return immediately.
WinExec(str.c_str(), SW_SHOW);

Launch one application from another application and state of application launched should be maintained in android
by NTMBK in Android

I want to launch one application from another application in android.

Say in App1:

I am in Activity1
Then Activity2
Then Activity3

From App2 I launch App1.

Directly Activity3 of App1 should be display and not Activity1

I tried with following code:

Intent i = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_MAIN);
PackageManager manager = getP

how can we integrate meteor application to simple web application runs on application server?
by Red Storm in Web Design

Is there any integration meteor application with application server.
I want to create a chat client which should be integrated with my web application, i have seen meteor example and i want to explore the possibility for my requirement.

Please suggest.

possible to create desktop application + web application from Spring Roo Application
by lietkynes in Programming Languages

I am currently exploring the possibility of using Spring Roo to make a fully fledged CRUD web application. Since Roo is built on top of Java EE and uses beans, JPA for entity management, I was wondering if one can use the same code base to develop a desktop application. I mean with Java EE 6 and eclipse I can make a EJB project for the beans, an EAR (Enterprise Application Project), A Web Appli

how to start android application from my application but the application should not be visible to others
by BabaBooey in Android

supposing that i have created an application "MyApp" and it contains a button.When this button is clicked it should start another application say"App".this application "App" should not be available in any other part of the phone.
please help me with this.
thank you.

Can a Java application or any other application other then .NET can consume WCF enabled application
by dyarborough in Java

I have created a console application in which I have exposed interface having
[OperationContract(IsOneWay = true)] attribute.

If yes how can Java application call methods exposed in WCF application?

Note: its not a WCF sevice so we not having Service refence.

Difference between a web application, a web based application and cloud application
by wolf1306 in Web Design

Hi this is a theoretical question, but i really am not able to figure out the difference between a web application, a web based application and cloud based application. Please help me out with this.

Google Play Store application in phone is not detecting available application update for my application that is published on Play
by Dmitry in Programming Languages

I published a new version of my application on Google Play store and it was available to be downloaded by users after couple of hours. But the problem is with the users who already have the older version of the application. Google play does not show update option for all those users. Any suggestion what could be the reason? Just to mention versionCode(1170 earlier it was 1095) and versionName (


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