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JasperServer: How to apply styling in Adhoc reports ? (As we can apply in iReports to JasperReports)
by Navin in Programming Languages

My concern is to apply styling in the Adhoc Reports in the Jasper Server. Similar kind of styling power that we can apply in iReports to the JasperReports.

Is there are defined way to apply styling to Adhoc reports?

Thanks in Advance...

Invoke Function.prototype.apply inside a re-declaration of apply (Javascript)
by Belgium in Web Design

While learning Javascript, I tried to re-declare the apply property of a function. Thus far no problem.

function foo() { return 1; }
alert(foo()); // 1
alert(foo.apply(null)); // 1
foo.apply = function () { return 2; }
alert(foo()); // 1
alert(foo.apply(null)); // 2

Now, I tried to make apply do something more and call the "old" apply

Apply javascript to pages like we apply css… wouldnt it be nice?
by Chris in Javascript

It just crossed my mind that it would be extremly nice to be able to apply javascript code like you can apply css.

Imagine something like:

/* app.jss */
div.closeable : click {
table.highlightable td : hover {
form.protectform : submit { }
links.facebox : click {}

Programmatically apply a theme so that it will apply to control attributes that have NOT already been defined
by tong in Programming Languages

I am studying for the Microsoft exam for web developers (asp.net 4.0) and I came across this question:

*You need to programmatically apply a theme named Fabrikam so that it will apply to control attributes that have NOT already been defined. In other words, you do NOT want the theme to override control attributes. Which of the following code samples does this correctly?

Correct Way to Apply Plaster to a Hawk in Order to Apply to a Ceiling
by Retro Rob in Home & Garden
Applying a plaster coating to a ceiling requires specialized masonry tools. A hawk is one of those tools. It has a flat surface with a handle on the bottom side. Using a hawk to hold wet plaster allows you to have easy access to the plaster. A hawk keeps the plaster close to the work surface. Manufacturers make hawks in a variety of sizes, and masons choose the hawk size based on their comfort lev

Lisp's apply and funcall vs Python's apply
by sirjoekcb in Programming Languages

Lisp's apply is for Lisp's APPLY is for calling functions with computed argument lists stored in lists.(Modified from Rainer's comment)

For example, the following code changes (list 1 2 3) to (+ 1 2 3).

(apply #'+ '(1 2 3))

However, Python's apply does what Lisp's funcall does, except for some minor differences (input is given as tuple/list)

(defun add (x

How do I apply a style resource to a usercontrol where that style uses triggers to apply templates?
by Shailja in Programming Languages

I apologize if this is an easy question, but I have been trying to get this to work all day and I can't seem to figure something out that is fairly obvious probably.

I have a user control with a custom dependency property "Flipped".

In my resource I have a Style with two triggers defined, that set the template of the control to two different values depending on if 'Flipp

How to apply a patch to files using custom pre-apply hooks or other custom steps (e.g., for files under version control)?
by Kaveh in Programming Languages

Given a patch file generated by GNU "diff" (or from git/svn/cvs diff, etc), what utilities/libraries are available (if any) to customize how the patch is applied, if "special operations" (eg, "checkout") are required before modifying the files? Is it possible to customize how the patch is applied?

For example, the GNU "patch" utility works (of course) on files in a file system. Bu

Difference between apply(x, 2, FUN) and apply(x[,-1], 2, FUN)
by jwyse in Programming Languages

I have read in a CSV and would like to find "empty" rows and columns, applying something like
isempty = function(x) all(is.na(x) | x == 0 | x == "")
to all columns. The first column is of mode character, all others are numeric.

However, when I do emptycols = apply(mydf, 2, isempty) the logical vector that is returned is all FALSE.

How to Apply Charts in Excel Vs. How to Apply Charts in Access
by Insomniator in Computers
Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access both store, analyze and graph data but differ in the customization and portability of their charts. Excel offers a single interface to view and chart data, making it an accessible option for many users. If you already have an Access database, adding charts to forms and reports helps to visualize trends and statistics, and doesn't require you to export informati

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