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Is there a python openid apps-discovery library to get appengine apps onto the apps marketplace
by el-Capitan in Development Tools & Services

I'm looking for info on howto get a google appengine app onto the newly
announced google apps marketplace.

The page at
does not have a python openid apps-discovery library which seems
to be the stumbling block.

Has anyone ported an appengine app to the marketplace? or
know of the existence o

Parsing OpenXML document [Windows Store Apps/Metro Apps]
by techthumb in Programming Languages

I do not feel like reinventing the whole wheel on Windows Store Apps, but is there any readily available way that I am able to parse OpenXML document quickly on Windows Store Apps?

I had been using the OpenXML SDK (currently on 2.5) but it is unfortunately tied with WindowsBase and I can't reference it in my project.

I read somewhere which mentioned that I s

how to use live connect API for calender in WINJS Apps in window store apps
by davidg in Development Tools & Services

I need to use the live connect API to use calender for appointment in WINJS..and my app is still in development stage ..should i register my app for live connect API for this. give a sample code that how to use the live connect API of calender in WINJS for appointment...

django - installed apps - Error: No module named apps.finance
by Neil Redfern in Programming Languages

I wanted to change directory of where are my apps.
my django project is in this directory:


When I started this project, my apps where in this directory:


Aslo in settings.py I added this line (in INSTALLED_APPS):


JavaScript Best Practices: How to implement long-lived apps (one-page web apps)?
by Jeffrey Shackelford in Web Design

Are there any best practices for implementing a long-lived JavaScript app, i.e. a web app that consists of a single page and loads other pages into the content area via AJAX? (Gmail is a good example of this.)

I already read about pro and cons, SEO, performance, etc. (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1499129/one-page-only-javascript-applications), I'm interested in patterns how to

Push notification server for Windows desktop apps and not to metro apps
by greggerz in Programming Languages

I am working on a project where I need to send push notifications to Android, iOS and windows devices. Our client is running on these platforms. For Android we rely on GCM and for iOS we are relying on APNS but for Windows desktop (not Windows RT, for which there is WPNS) there is no such service that we can use to send a push notification from our server to the client. I just want to replicate

Calling Awaitable Methods in Property Accessor [Windows Store Apps/Metro Apps]
by Calve Martin in Programming Languages

I have a custom class (to simplify stuff, I have stripped down the codes):

public class AlbumItem
public StorageFile AlbumThumbnail { get; set;}

When I bind this to a ListView:

<Grid Height="100" Background="#FFabe372">

ImagePickerController crashes my app saying “Received Memory Warning” when there are other apps running on my device (2 or more apps)
by Bakafish in Operating Systems

My App crashes saying "Received Memory Warning" when i take a picture from camera (UIImagePickerController).

Scenario when i get the crash: If I have other apps running on my device(2 or more), I am getting the crash and if there is only one other app running or no other apps running before I launch my app then there are no crashes at all.


How to build a private “Google Apps Marketplace” apps for gmail intergration like Rapportive does
by Jammy in Development Tools & Services

Google Apps Marketplace (http://www.google.com/enterprise/marketplace/) has enabled contextual gadgets so I could integrate my functionality in gmail. I would like to do so but I don't want to publish the app. Is this possible? (http://developer.googleapps.com/marketplace/getting-started tells me I have to become a vendor.) If I can do so I can't find any example code how to integrate in gmail,

Does 'Samsung Apps' support a URI scheme to redirect to specific apps?
by findcontrol in Programming Languages

One of my customers is keen on promoting a 'lite' version of his full app on a number of popular Samsung devices. This lite version will be uploaded to http://www.samsungapps.com, and users will then be able to download it through the 'Samsung Apps' app. The lite version features an in-app link to the full app.

Now, I've been searching Samsung's website for any information about a U


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