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How to Cut the Armstrong VCT Around a Toilet
by LeeFlannery in Home & Garden
VCT is short for vinyl composite tiles. The floor tiles are composed of polyvinyl chloride, plasticizers and a variety of fillers and coloring agents, according to the website for Armstrong Co. They are a durable flooring choice for any room of the home, including bathrooms. When installing Armstrong VCT in the bathroom, you must cut the tile to fit around the toilet drain hole. This cutting proce

Armstrong Furnace Guide
by KCro in Home & Garden
Armstrong Air, headquartered in West Columbia, South Carolina, produces home comfort products, including air conditioners and furnaces. As of 2011, it manufactures two types of furnaces: gas and oil. Gas furnaces run on either liquid propane or natural gas, and oil furnaces only run on heating oil. You can purchase Armstrong Air products from authorized dealers. Gas FurnaceAs of 2011, Armstrong

Troubleshooting an Armstrong Furnace
by bigben2wardpitt in Home & Garden
Armstrong Air, headquartered in West Columbia, South Carolina, manufactures home heating and cooling products, including oil and gas furnaces. A furnace keeps your home warm during the long winter months, so you must fix it as soon as possible if it's not working properly. Armstrong recommends that you try fixing the problem yourself before you call a service technician. Reduced Air FlowIf you

Armstrong Gas Furnace Specifications
by wolf1306 in Home & Garden
Armstrong is a manufacturing company that was founded in 1928 and focuses on creating products in the HVAC industry. The company makes a variety of furnaces, including 14 different gas furnaces and six different oil furnaces. While the oil furnaces have an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating of 80 percent, the gas furnaces range from 80 to 96 percent AFUE, which is the percentage of a

How to Clean Armstrong VCT Tile
by 02ranger in Home & Garden
Armstrong VCT tile is a durable vinyl floor tile option that is high quality and found in many homes. Just as with any other type of flooring, your VCT tile needs cleaned regularly to remove dust and buildup. By cleaning weekly, or as needed when you notice buildup, you keep residue to a minimum and make your overall floor cleaning a faster procedure. Instead of purchasing chemically based cleanin

Armstrong Oil Furnace Specifications
by Denis Chaykovskiy in Home & Garden
Armstrong Air started in 1928 as a spinoff of Lennox Furnace Company, headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. It produces cooling and heating products, including oil and gas furnaces. You can purchase Armstrong Air products from local dealers, and you can find a local dealer by searching by location on your company's website. You must register your product within 60 days to qualify for the full warranty.

How to Install Armstrong Tiles
by john in Home & Garden
Armstrong offers both vinyl sheeting and tiles -- both provide similar floor coverage but tiles are far more use friendly. In many cases, the tiles are self-adhesive which eliminates the need for potentially messy adhesive. The company offers a design for just about anyone, including nearly 70 patterns that mimic the look of natural stone. Always start with a clean surface and remove all of the fu

Armstrong Numbers Bufferoverflow
by Mcad in Programming Languages

Currently I am trying to build a program that prints all armstrongnumbers till a certain number. I am getting some odd error when trying to run this. It says bufferoverflow.
The part causing it seems to be in main(). Thanks for any help.

#include <stdio.h>
#define MAXIMUM 1000000
int ipow(int x, int power){
int z,t;
t = 0;
z = x;
for (t =

How to Install Armstrong Flooring
by bikefixxer in Home & Garden
Armstrong is among the leading floor-material makers in the world, and has been at the forefront of the newest thing in flooring: glueless, or ``floating,'' floors. These are floor systems that have interlocking planks of laminated wood, which snap together like puzzle pieces and require no nails, glue or, in many cases, even an underlayment. They will go over just about any firm flooring surface.

How to Install Armstrong Ceiling
by Yserbius in Home & Garden
Armstrong ceiling systems come in a wide variety of styles. Armstrong suspended ceilings are functional and easy to maintain if they are properly installed. Proper installation includes installing the L channel that attaches to the wall level around the entire room and the ceiling wires that support the ceiling's main tees. Renting a rotating laser will speed up the installation as well as ensure

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