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How do I arrange a variable list of plots using grid.arrange?
by joshboles in Programming Languages
df <- data.frame(x=1:10, y=rnorm(10))
p1 <- ggplot(df, aes(x,y)) + geom_point()
plist <- list(p1,p1,p1,p1,p1)
# In my real example,a plot function will fit a ggplot to a list of datasets
#and return a list of ggplots like the example above.

I'd like to arrange the plots using grid.arrange() in gridExt

How to Arrange a Day Bed Look
by Matt1970 in Home & Garden
Arrange your bed to look like a daybed even if it's only a regular bed. This will create a comfortable, relaxing space for you and your friends to lounge and hang out during the day. At night, simply remove the extra pillows and go to bed like normal. The daybed look and feel is ideal for guest rooms that double as a den, office or game room as well as 'tween or teens. Cramped rooms or spaces that
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How to Arrange RAM
by Milindur in Computers
Random access memory (RAM) is a critical hardware component that is used to store data and instructions for the computer to process. RAM chips are integrated into modules, which are installed to slots on the motherboard. Certain motherboards which support dual-channel architecture require a specific arrangement of RAM, else the computer won't boot. To arrange RAM on a motherboard with dual-channel
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How to arrange a <div> under two others?
by Timothy in Web Design

I'm trying to implement a <div> which has 3 sub <div>'s (see the image)

div1 has an image inside it, and it's height is fixed with .css like

float:left; /* so it fits to the image */
width:50%; /* not a great solution. How

How to Arrange Periodic Law
by FrankSaucedo in Hobbies, Games & Toys
The periodic table is far more than a tool to torture high school students. It is an organized grouping of chemical elements that helps to predict their behavior. In 1869, the Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev was outlining a chemistry textbook he was writing. How, he wondered, should he introduce the elements? He listed them by their atomic weight and then noticed that the chemical properties of t
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How to Arrange a Prom
by Boyer C. in Parties & Entertaining
Prom is a night that most high school students look forward to for years. When you are planning a prom, there are many things that you have to keep in mind. The budget is the most important consideration, as it will determine many of the aspects of the prom. Planning a prom can be a big undertaking for a group of students or teachers, so be sure to start early and make plenty of lists along the wa
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How to Arrange a Dishwasher
by TwiceOver in Home & Garden
A dishwasher can be one of the most useful appliances in your kitchen. If operated properly, the dishwasher can save you a tremendous amount of time and energy. One of the most crucial elements of correctly using a dishwasher is the method of arranging the dishes, glasses, utensils and cookware inside. If you don't load the dishwasher correctly, you may not get all of your kitchen items clean. The

How to Arrange a Choir
by msg in Arts & Entertainment
One of the duties of a choir director is to decide how to arrange the singers for the best sound. He must take into account the type of music the choir performs, as well as the blend he is looking for. Some choir directors prefer to organize singers by voice, while others attempt to mix things up. However, according to choir director Harold Rosenbaum, mixed voice arrangements have more disadvantag
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Re-arrange the picture
by Jeremy Pinnix in Development Tools & Services

This question was asked in a recent interview. please suggest something:

A picture of 16x16 is divided into pieces with sizes of 4x4 (16 pieces) and shuffled. Suggest an algorithm to rearrange it back.

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How to Arrange Earrings
by pankaj in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Arrange earrings so they are easily accessible when you need to grab a pair and run out the door. Earrings come in different sizes and shapes which can make them easy to lose or difficult to store. They should have one resting place when they come out of your ears; however, many times they are misplaced because of their small size. Solve the problem by purchasing or constructing a jewelry organize
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