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Overriding matplotlib.artist.Artist to draw complex shape
by dantino in Programming Languages

I want to create an Artist in matplotlib that can draw a compound shape that includes text and images encapsulated within a FancyBboxPatch. I have derived a class from the aforementioned FancyBboxPatch and overridden the "draw" method, but it does not seem to work.

What I am trying to achieve is an object that is drawable by matplotlib, but is more complex than the simp

Artist Trust Grants for Artist Projects
by christiandsg in Business
The Artist Trust foundation is a Washington state organization that bestows grants upon the state's artists in various disciplines, as well as offering other artist resources. The Grants for Artist Projects, or "GAP Grants," are one of the two grant types the organization offers. Sixty individual GAP grants are awarded each year to practicing artists, which the organization defines as artists who

Get large artist image from last.fm xml (api artist.getinfo)
by GreenChile in Programming Languages

This is the xml response from last fm:

<lfm status="ok">
<image size="small">http://userserve-ak.last.fm/serve/34/71796928.png</image>

select list of albums of artist and display for every album tracks count which have requested artist and album in list
by ArdentRogue in Databases

I need to make complicated query.
I have table:

title TEXT, artist TEXT,
album TEXT, genre TEXT,
duration INTEGER, rating INTEGER );

Sory for dirty title of question but i don't understand how to explain it more shortly.


PHP/MySQL: Order artist by ASC, then order songs by artist by ASC?
by zac in Programming Languages

I am working on a music player and I'd like to list all of the songs sorted by artist going from A-Z (ASC). The information is stored in a table with artist, file, song, etc.

I tried using while loops to order first the artist by A-Z, then the songs by the artist A-Z, but that didn't work. I never completely understood any kind of loops, so help would be appreciated!


How Can I Be a Rap Artist?
by walshtp in Arts & Entertainment
Whether your interest lies in the glitz and glamor of fame or the opportunity to create art and spread your message, the path to rap success is paved with an enormous amount of hard work. Writing songs and performing them seems like the lion's share of the work, but in truth you must be prepared to spend countless hours developing your image, marketing, distributing and promoting yourself. The com
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How to Be a Rap Artist
by Chook2330 in Arts & Entertainment
The rap industry is filled with hopefuls who consider their music the "next big thing." Establishing yourself as a notable rap artist requires musical skill, lyrical prowess, hard work, good networking skills and a unique talent for entertaining people. Becoming a rapper takes patience because record labels listen to new tracks every day. Releasing an album under their label could take even longer
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What Do I Need to Become an Artist?
by dEXterz in Careers & Job Searching
An artist is expected to have boundless creativity, inherent talent and an eye for composition, beauty and details. You must inculcate a sense of discipline and dedication to be a versatile artist. Your work should showcase your talent, innovative ideas, thoughts and vision. You should try to achieve technical prowess in addition to sharpening your natural skills. To become an artist, you must str

How to Get Known As a Hip Hop Artist
by waggy in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Many well-known hip hop artists, such as the Notorious Big, Jay-Z and Eminem, found ways to start their hip hop careers. Whether it was with the help of a mix tape passed along to local hip hop radio stations in New York to participating in underground rap battles to even finding their own record label and producing their own records, you too can use these methods, and others, in order to get know
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How to Become a Con Artist
by raven84 in Personal Finance
Tired of working for your money? Cheat the system and cheat other people by becoming a con artist! Scam and swindle your way to riches, using only your brain, your words and your winning smile. If you've got smarts, guts and a total lack of morality, the world can be yours for the conning.Difficulty:ChallengingInstructions Be cool. The "con" in "con artist" stands for confidence. To be successf
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