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Assignments in a map end up as 0?
by RKelln in Programming Languages

I am a beginner to C++, and recently I was working on a USACO training program about gift-giving. However, while the output is supposed to show the names of everyone involved and their respective cash amounts, mine always ends up as all zeros. Here is my code:

ID: afuhrtr1
PROG: gift1
#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>
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Is it possible to get Moodle 2.3 assignments via WS?
by evisseliaib in Web Design

I am trying to extract users Assignment data (grades, feedback, etc.) from moodle 2.3.

The problem is, there is new version of the Assignment module, and the Oktech WS service plugin by Patrick Pollet doesn't seem to get the assignments out anymore.

Is there any other way to achieve this? Any help would be great!

How many possible assignments does a a CNF sentence have?
by Josh Tegart in Web Design

I'm having some trouble understanding the following:

When we look at satisfiability problems in conjunctive normal form, an underconstrained problem is one with relatively few clauses constraining the variables. For eg. here is a randomly generated 3-CNF sentence with five symbols and five clauses.
(Each clause contains 3 randomly selected distinct symbols, each of which is neg

How to Organize Homeschooling Assignments
by christiandsg in Education
Homeschooling produces a great deal of paperwork, mainly completed assignments. It is important to have a manageable way to store and organize this information.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Either sturdy plastic bins or a filing cabinet
Plastic accordion file folders

Select the method of organization that is most convenient and comfortable

How to Approach Difficult Assignments
by gitano in Business
Undertaking a venture given to you by someone who expects you'll be able to carry it out with reasonable results is an assignment. Objectives may be overwhelming or so complex that you may consider the assignment difficult. But, if you handle each step in an organized manner, satisfaction may be attained by reaching goals you have set throughout the process.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Discu

Do Assignments of Mortgage Need to Be Witnessed?
by Mpalle in Personal Finance
When a lender transfers a loan obligation to a third party through an assignment of mortgage a third party may become the recipient of your mortgage payments. Likewise, if your lender wants to begin foreclosure proceedings on your home, it needs an assignment of mortgage to prove that you owe it a financial obligation. Assignment of MortgageAn assignment of mortgage is a legal document used to

The Salary of an Assignments Editor
by jwyse in Business
Assignment editors determine what stories various media outlets, like radio and television broadcasters, cover during news or other programming. They use press releases and headlines to determine the priority of topics and stories to include in broadcasts. According to ONet Online, the job title of "assignments editor" falls under the broader career category of "editor." The median annual salary f

Multiple assignments under 'if' statement
by DonMac in Programming Languages

Why can't I make multiple assignments under an if statement in python? Is there some syntax I am missing?

I want to do this:

files = ["file1", "file2", "file3"]
print "
The following files are available:
i = 0
for file in files:
i = i + 1
print i, file
choice = int(raw_input("Enter a file number: "))
if choice =

How to Use Reference Books for Assignments
by VirtualLarry in Education
Believe it or not, people used reference books to help write research papers prior to the development of the Internet. General reference books such as a thesaurus, dictionary or book of quotations contain valuable information to assist you with your assignments and research papers. More esoteric reference books such as anatomy books or tomes dedicated to specific topics help your paper gain valuab

How to Track Your Mortgage Assignments
by Pete in Personal Finance
When you finance a new home or refinance your existing home, a mortgage is assigned to your lender. A mortgage is a document filed with your county stating the mortgagee, mortgagor and a legal description of your property. A mortgage is a lien on your property and is paid back according to the financing terms of the loan. Some mortgagors or lenders will service their own loans, while some will ass

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