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curl through authenticated proxy and authenticated http resource
by Omer72 in Coding

I want to do a post (twitter in this case) with a oneliner.

If I don't have proxy

curl -u user:pass -d status="message" http://twitter.com/statuses/update.xml

works perfectly.

But when I am behind a authenticated proxy it doesn't.

I had tryied:

curl -X proxy:port -U proxyUser:proxyPass -u user:pass -d status=

How to check,has the user already authenticated the application or it has to be authenticated via Linkedin api?
by Deledrius in Development Tools & Services

How can i check has the user already authenticated the application or it has to be authenticated via Linkedin javascript api ?

My problem is,if user hasn't authenticated the application he can do that by clicking on a checkbox that initiates popup for linkedin app authentication without using the predefined linkedin button ?

- how can i show this script in popup,not u

Migrate AD Authenticated sharepoint site as new SQL Authenticated sharepoint site
by Brian Drum in Databases

Currently i have sharepoint site which used AD authentication running properly. Recently i have to migrate this web site to some other server with sql server authentication .
I have tried this with granular backup option and export-spweb and import-spweb using powershell scripts.
but that does not seems to be working fine, because users login are different.

in ad authenti

DirectoryEntry() not authenticated
by gnirpaz in Programming Languages

I am trying to use DirectoryEntry to gain access to AD. We have an "OU=Company Users" and then and "OU=Applications". My personal user account is in the Company Users OU and when trying return new DirectoryEntry(Path,UserName,Password,Secure) it works when I use my personal credentials. I would accept that and go on with life but I am not willing to place my credentials in a config

Getting a pre-authenticated URL to an S3 bucket
by GalaxiaGuy in Development Tools & Services

I am attempting to use an S3 bucket as a deployment location for an internal, auto-updating application's files. It would be the location where the new version's files are dumped for the application to puck up on an update. Since this is an internal application, I was hoping to have the URL be private, but to be able to access it using only a URL. I was hoping to look into using third party

PHP-SDK getUser() always 0 / not authenticated
by Steve O. in Development Tools & Services

I'm using the A3M CodeIgniter library, with updated FB PHP-SDK 3.2.

I'm forced into updating from 2.x as Facebook retired their 'legacy' connection method the other day, and that's what the a3m framework used. So I updated to the SDK, and now cannot get the connect process working for a number of reasons:

Infinite redirect of getLoginUrl()
CSRF stat

PCI Compliance - Non authenticated DB
by Djuxy in Development Tools & Services

I have no idea where to go for PCI compliance questions, so I'd thought I'd give SO a shot. If someone can point me in the right direction of where I can go to ask questions, please share. I'll be happy to mark that as an answer as well.

If a PCI compliant site connects to a database that stores no user info, but does contain HTML and JavaScript snippets that could get rendered du

How to Get a Painting Authenticated
by Chris Tattum in Arts & Entertainment
Having a painting authenticated is not the same concept as having a painting appraised. Painting authenticity is often required by art dealers if you want to sell your fine art. Paintings by well-known artists, including Renoir and Monet, for example, are often copies. Painting authenticity can be achieved by taking the painting to a reputable knowledgeable expert, specializing in painting authent

How to Become Norton Authenticated
by Flip504 in Computers
Norton AntiVirus serves well as a primary anti-virus application for your Mac computer. Yet, occasionally the software will repeatedly ask a user to authenticate every single time he opens the software. This can become tedious quite quickly. Luckily, Symantec provides a solution to this problem.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Turn on your Mac. Click "Applications." Go to "Utilities." Cli

Authenticated Referrals Not Displaying
by DJ-phYre in Development Tools & Services

I am stuck trying to use the authenticated referrals section in the Auth Dialog section of the app developer. I have setup setup my app, and I have some code to login, and perform some checks, but whenever the authorize app screen appears, the data I entered into the Authenticated Referrals Section is never shown, I only see the "The App will receive: Your basic data."

I have tried

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