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What Is the Availability for an RN?
by Oli in Careers & Job Searching
Registered nurses constitute the largest health care occupation, holding some 2.6 million jobs in 2008, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Through the year 2018, more than a half million new jobs for RNs are expected to come available. SignificanceWith an estimated expected growth of 22 percent through the year 2018, RN job availability will grow much faster than average, notes

Scalability and availability
by Rob in Programming Languages

I am quite confused on which approach to take and what is best practice.
Lets say i have a C# application which does the following:

sends emails from a queue. Emails to send and all the content is stored in the DB.

Now, I know how to make my C# application almost scalable but I need to go somewhat further.

I want some form of responsibility of being able

High Availability ASP.NET MVC
by chr6 in ASP & ASP.net

When building an ASP.NET MVC application with a goal of high availability, is it a good practice to keep the session state on the SQL Server, if there is no state server available?

Determine C++0x availability
by micaleel in C & C++ & C#

I'm trying to determine if C++0x features are available when compiling. Is there a common preprocessor macro? I'm using Visual Studio 2010's compiler and Intel's compiler.

How to Search URL Availability
by LukeG in Internet
A Universal Resource Locator (URL) is essentially a web address. At its most basic, a URL contains a prefix protocol (such as "http://"), a sub-domain (such as "www"), and a domain name (such as "example.com"). The domain name portion of the URL serves as the unique identifier. A single domain name can only be registered to a single entity. Therefore, when you search the availability of a URL, you

Domain Name Availability :
by skulldrinker in Programming Languages

I have a script that checks the domain name availability. The script doesn't work for .gr and I don't know why. This is the script:

$extensions = array(
'.com' => array('whois.crsnic.net','No match for'),
'.gr' => array('whois.ripe.net','No entries found'),
'.net' => array

How to Search LLC Availability
by Knoxy in Legal
LLC is an acronym for Limited Liability Company. Owners of a business that don't want to leave their personal assets liable for the actions or debts of their company often file for an LLC. It doesn't matter whether the business is a corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship. The LLC type of business structure is governed by state statutes, and as such, each state has its own department in c

Availability Issue
by rbrewer in Programming Languages

A bunch of clients send out messages to a server which is behind a VIP. Obviously this server poses an availability risk.

The client monitors a resource and the server is responsible to take action based on the what status the majority of the clients report to it and hence the need for only 1 server/leader.

I am thinking of adding another server as a

KML & Offline availability
by OGG in Programming Languages

Sorry in advance if this is a noob question.

All kml files start with roughly the same two lines:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<kml xmlns="http://www.opengis.net/kml/2.2">

In the second line there is a reference to a web address which contains the schema for kml.

Am i to understand that this is contacted every t

Availability.h -like macro
by tonix in Mobile Programming

Is it possible to have a custom availability macro like the __OSX_AVAILABLE_STARTING for instance. I need it to perform in the same way, I just need to change its name and the versions and number of parameters?

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