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How to Set Up an Axon PBX
by asid in Computers
Axon Virtual PBX Windows Software, created by NCH Software, is a downloadable product used to manage phone calls for a business or call center. The NCH website describes Axon as "a virtual (Internet protocol) PBX for Windows." It may be installed on PCs with Windows operating systems and ready to handle calls in a matter of minutes, the website notes, adding that Axon supports "up to 64 telephone
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How to Redeem Axon Awards
by HidingInABunker in Travel
AXON rewards are one of the rewards programs available to American Express Hilton Honors card holders. There are two categories of AXON rewards: AXON5 and AXON6. These rewards let cardholders redeem their points for up to four nights' free stay at a Hilton Honors Category 5 or Category 6 hotel. Hotel categories are determined by Hilton based on the quality of the hotels participating in the promot
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Select statement using ORM Axon in the php F3 framework
by mrmt in PHP

I am brand new to the Fat - free - framework F3 for PHP
I am trying to build a blog
I have a simple query


I want to build this query using the Axon ORM that is built in to the F3 framework

In my thinking I want to try this:

$blogs = new Axon('blogs');

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