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How to Crochet Baby Layettes Using Red Heart Baby Clouds Super Bulky Yarn
by KM. in Hobbies, Games & Toys
According to Parenting magazine's website, the term "layette" is used to denote every item a baby needs during its first year of life (parenting.com). Many people use the term more loosely to simply include baby's first articles of clothing and bedding. Whether you're a new mother or you need a gift for a new mother, you can crochet a layette set to keep baby warm and cozy. Start with an afghan an

How to Make a Baby Shower Baby's Breath Seed Pot Party Favor
by xeemzor in Parties & Entertaining
If you want a baby shower favor that has special significance, try making seed pots for the guests to take home. A clay pot filled with baby’s breath seeds will remind each guest of the new baby, new life and beginnings. All the supplies for this party favor are available at a garden supply center or craft store.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Miniature clay p

How to Make Cute Baby Bottle Candy Favors for Baby Shower
by rituraj in Parties & Entertaining
Planning a baby shower can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a big project. From decorating to organizing food and games, you will have a lot to do. Make the job a little easier by making simple but cute favors out of baby bottles.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Small baby bottles, one for each guest
Candy, such as jelly beans or mints

Wash and dry eac

How to Make Miniature Crochet Baby Booties and Sweater for a Baby Shower
by Darin in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Crocheted miniature booties and sweaters make sentimental gifts that will catch the eyes of many at a baby shower. These mini baby shower gifts can be used to commemorate the occasion in scrapbooks. You can create them in an array of colors adding your own personal design, and these are quick items to crochet if you are having trouble finding a last-minute gift.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructio

Baby Shower Decorations Made With Candles and Baby Bottle Nipples
by arbeitandy in Parties & Entertaining
You don't have to spend extra money to host your next baby shower. Buy items that can be used both as baby shower decorations and gifts. This allows you to spend less time planning and shopping and more time enjoying the the party with your guests. You can create several baby shower decorations at home with candles and baby bottle nipples. You can incorporate these decorations into other pink and

How to Make a Baby Shower Baby Bottle Floral Table Centerpiece
by Andreas in Parties & Entertaining
Here's an easy, economical and delightfully unique idea for table centerpieces if you're planning a Baby Shower. Eco-friendly, as the Baby Bottles can then be used for the new arrival!Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Plastic decorative Baby Bottles in your choice of color ~ enough for all your tables
Clear or colored celephone strips
Florist tacky glue

How to Make a Baby Sleep on the Baby Borrowers Virtual Game
by Asif in Hobbies, Games & Toys
The Baby Borrowers Virtual Game is a free online game that serves as an extension to the television show "Baby Borrowers" on BBC. In the Baby Borrowers game, you are responsible for caring for a baby to keep him or her healthy and happy. Getting the baby to sleep is one of the game's more difficult goals.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Computer with Internet

How to Crochet Baby Girl Hats to Make a Baby in Bloom
by Erik in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Blossoms are natural embellishments to the heads of baby girls, and a crocheted hat is a simple vehicle for them. Start with a basic skull-hugging cap and pile flowers on above or let the hat become the calyx that cups a little face.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
1 skein sport yarn or size 3 crochet cotton, green
Size G crochet hook
20 yards compatible yarn, flower-

Instructions for Making Baby Shower Favors Using Baby Washcloths
by Dré in Parties & Entertaining
Hosting a baby shower for a loved one who is expecting a little bundle of joy includes planning for favors to give to your guests and the mother-to-be. Create your own favors using baby wash cloths for something that is unexpected and keeps the shower focused on the baby. Use monogrammed baby washcloths to make them more personal, if you desire. LollipopRoll each washcloth as tight as you can t

A New Baby Checklist: A List of Baby Products Needed for the First Year
by Coder Blues in Parenting
Stores are packed with baby products for a variety of uses, and it can be hard for new parents to sort out what's essential and what's not. There are a few items that are absolute must-haves, many that make life easier for parents and others that may be decorative or fun but aren't necessary. SleepCribs are useful until the baby is ready for a toddler or twin bed. Be sure you purchase a firm ma


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