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How to Install Durock or Hardi Backer Concrete Backer Board
by poofyhairguy in Home & Garden
When tiling the kitchen, bathroom or hallway floors you can get a better finish and longer lasting seal by using an under layment first. The under layment serves to create a level surface and gritty surface for mortar to adhere to. The two main types of this product are concrete boards such as Durock and the fibrous hardi-backer boards. By following these steps you will be able to prepare any f

How to Use a Backer Rod
by Geoffrey De Smet in Home & Garden
Whether you are working with concrete, tile, brick or any other type of material that deals with cement in one way or another, once in a while you will come across joints that are too wide to be filled completely with caulk, such as expansion joints. In such cases you need to use backer rod, which is a foam-based product that helps fill the void so you only have to caulk the surface of the joint.D
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How to Set a Backer Board
by Mike Bakalov in Home & Garden
Backer board is used as a base for tile in showers and on floors. It is moisture and mold-resistant. Backer board comes in 3-by-5 foot sections, and can also be purchased in 4-by-8 foot sections. The backer board must be installed properly to create a stable surface for the tile.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
Tape measure
Thin set mortar
1/8 inch notched trowel
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Backer Rod Installation
by robvp in Home & Garden
A backer rod is a foam cylinder that is used to fill the gaps between joints. Backer rods help maintain the integrity of a joint by providing support. A sealant is then applied over the backer rod to seal the joint. Backer rods control the depth of the sealant used in the joint, which is important since some sealants are not recommended for use past a certain depth. Backer rods range in diameter

DIY Tile Backer
by Veliko in Home & Garden
Ceramic, porcelain, marble and every other kind of stone or clay-based "hard'' tile share two characteristics: they have absolutely no flexibility. They'll crack if uneven stress is applied to them and they're not as water-tight as they seem or at least the grout that sits between them is not. Those two issues; stability and moisture protection, are the prime points to consider when choosing what
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How to Use a Backer Rod for a Bathtub
by dcutting in Home & Garden
Deep gaps between a bathtub and the surrounding wall covering can require a lot of caulk to seal the seam completely from moisture. Moisture passing through a large bathtub gap saturates the wooden materials used to support the walls and floor around the tub. Moist wood provides a perfect habitat for mold growth. Using a flexible backer rod to fill large gaps reduces the amount of caulk required t
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How to Put on a Backer's Audition
by turret in Arts & Entertainment
Producing a musical or play for the commercial (for-profit) theatre is an increasingly expensive enterprise, and the show's creators and/or initial producers must raise large sums of money to meet the expenses associated with the production. Musicals bound for Broadway are especially costly, and in order to begin rehearsals and build sets, you must spark interest from potential investors. To do so
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How to Use Backer Rod Caulking Material
by Matt Watson in Home & Garden
A backer rod fits into the gap between surfaces to fill the space ready for the application of caulk that seals the joint. Commonly, you use a backer rod to help bridge a gap that is ¼ inch to 6 inches wide. There are two standard types of backer rod that are available to use depending upon the installation site. The caulking material used to seal the bridged gap depends upon the surface ma

How to Caulk a Countertop Backer Rod
by BOOTYMONSTER in Home & Garden
Caulk doesn't just forge an airtight seal between two surfaces, it also improves a room's aesthetic appeal. A gap between two adjoining countertops or a gap between your countertop and your wall or backsplash isn't as visually appealing as a smooth line of caulk. The U.S. Department of Energy notes that caulk is most effective when it reaches the bottom of a gap. While you cannot fill a counterto

How to Install Backer Boards
by Iron Woode in Home & Garden
Cement backer board, available under a variety of brand names, is used to create a level surface over a wood subfloor before installing a tile floor. Backer board also is used on tub and shower walls that are going to be tiled. Besides creating a level surface, backer board also helps provide a moisture barrier to protect the wall or subfloor. With the proper tools, installing backer board on your

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