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How to create Cron job to backup MySQL and FTP backup to my backup server?
by nipj in Network & Servers

I want to setup a cron job to run so that it will automatically backup my MySQL database, while the database is running, and then FTP that backup to my backup server.

I assume I can do this using a bash script.

Anyone know of a good way to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance.

Can I use “Online Backup” to backup my DVS instead of pushing to an external repo?
by lietkynes in Development Tools & Services

I'm currently signed up with a third party service that hosts my mercurial repositories as a central hub to push my changes to as a sort of backup.

Now, I'm looking at a system to backup my laptop and am concidering Mozy. I'm a loan developer, and work on a laptop and am usualy connected to my internet via wifi with my laptop only really being on when I'm working, so feel something

Oracle 10g XE: rman shows all datafiles need backup after successful full backup
by gondalez in Programming Languages

I'm having a problem with Oracle 10g XE, version running on openSuSE 11.2. RMAN is showing that all datafiles need to be backed up, even after a successful full backup:

RMAN> report need backup;
using target database control file instead of recovery catalog
RMAN retention policy will be applied to the command
RMAN retention policy is set to redundancy 2

automatic backup of mysql database and automatically send backup data to gmail in windows
by clifton anderson in Databases


I am using Mysql and Windows platform. I have a situation here like:

automatic backup of mysql database and automatically send backup data to gmail.How can I do this??

Thanks in advance

Magento admin panel backup tool: full system backup fails with no error message
by demetris in Programming Languages

I'm trying to use the full system backup in the admin panel backup tool. I'm using it with the "exclude media" option. It shows "Please wait.." and looks like it's working for approximately 45 seconds or so and then that dialog disappears but no backup appears on the list, even after refreshing. The time that it takes until the dialog disappears is shorter than my PHP execution timeout value. T

How to View Backup History for Longer Than 30 Days in Backup Exec 12.5
by Seba in Computers
Symantec Backup Exec is a software application for Windows servers that allows you to automatically back up large networks to a central network server as well as ancillary backup locations. It offers constant protection of specific data items, allowing for backups of certain files, folders or hard disks at time intervals that you can configure based on your backup needs. You can view Backup Exec 1

How to Download and Use Verizon Backup Assistant to Backup a Cell Phone
by InfiniteLurker in Electronics
Cell phones offer unparalleled convenience and portability over a traditional landline phone. The same portability also makes it easier to drop or lose a cell phone in many ways. Aside from replacing the phone itself, the information on the phone may also be a problem. If you use the cell phone as a personal phone book, it's important to have that information available elsewhere if your phone is l

How to backup transaction log after database backup everyday in SQL server 2005
by redha in Databases

How to backup transaction log after database backup everyday in SQL server 2005

How to Increase the Backup Log File in the Microsoft Backup Tool for Windows XP
by Brazil in Computers
Microsoft's official Backup tool is a solid program for archiving your data, but it does have one drawback: it only stores the 10 most recent log files and discards the older ones. You can, however, increase that number.
On XP Professional, this tool is installed by default. XP Home users must install it from their Windows CD. To do that, open the CD in "My Computer." Then open the "ValueAdd

Does full backup or simple backup also take snapshot of db schema as well as data
by Yst in Databases

Does full or simple backup back up the database schema?
that is in following scenario:
1. do full backup
2. add some tables and columns in some table; drop some tables and some columns in some table
3. do restore with the full backup file
4. does that schema get back to the state it backup?

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