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Positioning a banner on the left side of a site and align banner right to the content
by Alan Xu in Web Design

I have the content set to 1024px width and aligned to the center. Now I want a banner on the left side. Because the banner can be in different size I have to align the banner to the right side. The banner is wrapped with an anchor. In my example below I used a div instead of an image.


<div id="content">
<div id="banner">
<a h

OpenX: Allowing banner links to use the host of the page the banner is being displayed on
by raven84 in Programming Languages

My client has a website with many subdomains, each representing a different "client":

http://www.store.com <- Main store; also the default OpenX "Website" host in admin.
http://client1.store.com <- Client store
http://client2.store.com <- Client store
http://client222.store.com <- Client store

A lot of the banners are internal links. For those

adding a links to my banner images in a banner rotator code
by kiirpi in Programming Languages

I've searched but the results I found weren't useful to my case.

I have this code that shows rotating banners on my page. It pulls images from a folder and I can add more images through admin.
I would like to make those images clickable, so they can take you to a page on my site.
I don't know PHP, but I can copy paste well and do have some logic.
I would appreciate if

Rotating banner similar to App Store's featured banner
by Martin Dobrev in Mobile Programming

I'd like to add a rotating banner similar to the one at the top of the Featured section in the iOS6 version of the App Store. User can scroll infinitely left and right through 4 or 5 different banners. Plus the banners scroll automatically when they're not being interacted with.

I tried to do this using a horizontal scroll view, but when you scroll to the last banner the scroll view

screen with top banner, webview and bottom banner
by walkah in Programming Languages

I'm trying to create a very simple android screen with the following content: top banner, webview and bottom banner. for some reason, i can't do it. my xml look like:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<LinearLayout android:id="@+id/FrameLayout02"
android:layout_width="wrap_content" and

Vertical Banner Vs. Horizontal Banner Ads
by Gus in Internet
As a webmaster, you may be able to generate a large portion of your income from advertising. When placing banner ads on your site, you can typically choose between placing vertical ads and horizontal ads. While they both are viable options to consider, one type may be better for you than the other. Amount of ExposureWhen trying to decide between vertical and horizontal ads, you have to consider

How can I make a banner in QT, like the news banner of CNN/FOX?
by ChrisMe in Programming Languages

as the title says, I want to add my main window a banner in the bottom of the window that shows text that runs from left to right, just like you can see in your TV when watching fox/CNN...

I'm using QT 4.5.2

Thanks a lot :)

iAd banner not clickable if banner moves
by Braxos in Operating Systems

I have an iAd banner working in a Cocos2d app.

Here's the code for a CCLayer subclass I made to show ads. On DidLoad, the add becomes visible and the bottom menu slides up to compensate.

-(id) init
if( (self=[super init]) ) {
CGSize size = [[CCDirector sharedDirector] winSize];
UIViewController *controller = [[UIViewController

What Is a Banner Pop-Up?
by orange-man in Internet
A pop-up advertisement is a form of online banner advertisement that loads in a separate browser window, often unrequested by the Web user. Pop-up banners can contain messages about products, videos or interactive games designed to entice clicks. Pop-up banners are considered by many publishers to be intrusive to the Web surfing experience and are not allowed on many publishers' sites, including a
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How to Use ACL & Banner
by Sankarsan Bose in Computers
The Linux operating system has several basic commands that you should become familiar with to improve your system administration skills. Two interesting commands are “getfacl” and “banner.” The command “getfacl” returns the Access Control List, or ACL, for a file on your system. This list details the permissions of all of users and their permissions with said fi
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