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Decorating Banquet Tables for a Cheerleading Banquet
by Verbal in Parties & Entertaining
Organize a banquet to say thanks and to cheer on your school's cheerleading team. The members of a cheerleading squad work hard at creating routines and rhymes to pep up a crowd and promote school spirit. A banquet is an ideal way to commend your school's cheerleaders. When decorating for the event, dress up the tables to give them a festive and eye-catching appeal, paying homage to cheerleading a

How to Put Together a Banquet
by Guid in Parties & Entertaining
Banquets are used to celebrate a number of different types of occasions and are an enjoyable way to get together. Hold banquets to congratulate a new couple, recognize people who are receiving awards, honor birthdays, commemorate special events or observe holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. Small and large banquets bring individuals together and make events fun and special. Even small ban
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How to Ask Someone to a Banquet
by waggy in Relationships & Family
Sweaty palms, nervous laughter and a question uttered so low a recipient could not possibly hear all spell doom when asking someone out. Instead, you need to exude confidence when you approach someone for a date. This is especially important when you are extending an invitation to a formal event such as a banquet. Follow specific guidelines for when, where and exactly how to ask the person you wa
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How to Set Up a Banquet
by Brian in Parties & Entertaining
Preparing for a banquet can be extremely stressful and hectic, even for someone who is normally very organized and composed. Whether the banquet is for a wedding, an awards show, a presentation or anything else, once the day of the banquet arrives, there are a few things you must get done in order for the event to go off without a hitch.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Things You'l
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What Is a Banquet?
by Tim Benninghoff in Holidays & Celebrations
If you have a job, volunteer for an organization, attend a conference, get married or retire, you're likely to attend several banquets, and a few might even be in your honor. Banquets celebrate special events in our lives."Table Setting" is Copyrighted by Flickr user: Tracy Hunter (Tracy Hunter) under the Creative Commons Attribution license.
FunctionThese group meals mark milestones by brin
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How to Set Up a Cabaret Banquet
by xetrill in Parties & Entertaining
Cabaret theater is a combination of an entertainment and dining experience. The traditions of cabaret reach back over a century and consist of people gathering in cafes and restaurants to be entertained by theatrical, musical and comedic performances. If you are planning a cabaret banquet you will need to channel the feeling of fun, warm and comfortable entertainment. You need to provide entertain
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How to Put Together a Sports Banquet
by energy95 in Parties & Entertaining
A sports banquet can be held by school officials, community organizers and special event planners. These events are usually planned to honor contributions made by athletes and their mentors. Sports banquets can take place at the end of a season or follow the player roster announcement for athletic teams. Learn how to put together a sports banquet that includes a variety of activities based on one

What Is Banquet Attire?
by Jon Riegel in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Banquets are program events where groups of people gather over food and drinks for a special occasion. Perhaps the basketball team is hosting a closing ceremony to end the season and will recognize special players, or the gang at the office is celebrating the holidays. Regardless of the event, you can't go wearing jeans and flip flops. From business casual to formal, consider the standard for how

Banquet Functions
by Max Derov in Parties & Entertaining
Hosting a banquet is a great way to celebrate a wedding, anniversary, company party or any organization’s reunion or year-end party. Some banquets are more formal than others, but all can be special occasions that your guests will remember for a long time to come. Banquets also bring old friends and family together and allow for new friends and business contacts to be made. Banquet Celebr

What Should a Guy Wear to a Banquet?
by Skipholiday in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Banquets are very common for corporate events, since businesses often hold them for staff or clients. Therefore, those who are a part of a large organization will often attend a banquet or two. Other men only find themselves there, when they attend weddings of friends and family members. The expected attire can vary, depending on the formality of the event. Formal WearSingle-breasted jackets ne

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