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Is there the PUSHER.com type of service for time based/calendar based event triggers?
Category : Web Design

We have a schedule application that needs to send out reminders based on future appointment dates.

We have thought about creating cron jobs and other methods for checking and inititating triggers to send out the reminders, but that seems to task our servers. Is there a service like "pusher" that can manage such event reminders or at least initiate the trigger ?

Thanks f

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How to Transition Toddlers From Home-Based to Center-Based Child Care Activities
Category : Relationships & Family
Making the change from home-based care to a daycare center is a major transition in the life of a toddler. Spend time interviewing and observing daycare providers to find a high-quality school with nurturing teachers. Accept that your child may feel angry or sad. Transition times may vary from a few days to several weeks, depending on the child's temperament. Many children may seem initially happy

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Floated elements with %-based width and px-based borders: What is the best way to avoid the line break?
Category : Web Design

I have an issue that terrorizes me in my sleep, unrelentingly . If you have an attainable solution and care to share it, please do; I'd like to have a normal night of sleep again.

On my latest project, there are multiple times when I will need to have 4 or 5 elements floated next to one another. Each element must be sized using percentages (%) but must also have border-right:

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How do I update a progress bar based on a foreach loop that runs based on a variable array?
Category : Programming Languages


At this point in my code, the progress bar is at 70:

pbUpload.Value = 70;
foreach (string file in finalFiles)

finalFiles has a VARIABLE LENGTH. Meaning it does not have a fixed number. So basically I need to figure out the number first, which is easy, but then how do I construct

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How to create an object in a utility class based on if statement in Java? (Or based on a particular string)
Category : Java

I would have a string that is parsed into an array, as shown here:

class Example extends ParentClass {
private String[] array;
public static Example parseString(String lineToParse) {
array = lineToParse.split("");
public ObjectType1() { // arguments: String, String, String
public ObjectType2() { // arguments:

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How to create a simple navigation based application in xcode without storyboard and page-based?
Category : Mobile Programming

can any One Give me an example to create simplest navigation based application in xcode 5.1 without use of storyboard and page-based application. I tried so much to find it but every where it is available in xcode 4. I want to perform this task in single view based application. Thank you for your time.

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java based calculation engine based on Open Ofice Calc
Category : Programming Languages

The requirement is to build a calculation engine which is performant and supports excel like formulas. These formulas need to be applied on huge data sets (millions of rows of data).

I was thinking if something could be built on top of OpenOffice Calc service and make it available as a Calculation Engine.

Does anyone have any experience in doing this ? Are there any oth

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dynamically create template-based table cells based on data
Category : Web Design

How does one dynamically create table cells based on a dataset? Is javascript/ajax required for this? Is it possible to use a template div for the cells?

Just looking for some direction- Thanks

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Populating gridview based on database info when logged in session based
Category : Programming Languages

I'm having trouble with populating a gridview based off of logging in with a session based login. I'm using a master page. Currently I am getting a "must declare scalar variable". My thought is to retrieve it somewhere in the script area. Any help is greatly appreciated!!!!

The problem now is what the code should be for the non-master page to retrieve the specific information for so

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Create an output file based from two files based on column matches
Category : Network & Servers

I have two files input1.vcf.gz and input2.vcf.gz and output will be output.vcf.gz


X 60060 2 572 G:1 C:0
X 60070 2 572 G:0.996503 T:0.0034965


X 60060 . G C . . ;AA=0.131148;AFE=0.154639;EUN=0;AFW=0.181818;MED=0.00446429;LAT=0.0165746;VT=SNP;AF=0.04
X 60070 . G

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