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No principal in request after Apache basic authentication (basic-auth) with mod_jk
by sdifox in Development Tools & Services


Apache 2.2.13 connect to Tomcat 5.5 with mod_jk (ajp13). Apache requires basic-auth for "/" i.e. for all URLs it serves.


Once the request arrives at my app in Tomcat (it's a Servlet filter) request.getUserPrincipal() returns null. Apache, however, did authenticate the request. I did enter user/password in the browser's dialog.

Basic encryption/ openssl basic questions. DES CTR mode and misc
by Hungary in Development Tools & Services

I'm going to make this quick and dirty as my first question drew complaints that it was too long. I'm working on a cryptography assignment and I'm having a little trouble with it. I'll post the question then outline the specific area I'm having issues with. Hopefully I may garner a little mroe information that way.

Assignment question
Either download openssl to encrypt a message u

How to Change Basic Windows Color Scheme to Vista Basic
by Tennessee in Computers
In Microsoft Windows Vista, you can change the color scheme by altering the settings in the Control Panel application "Window Color and Appearance." If you have a basic video adapter, your computer will run faster if you change the default system color scheme to "Windows Vista Basic."Difficulty:EasyInstructions Click "Start," "Control Panel."
Click "Appearance and Personalization," "Personal

Rails - Basic model conventions and basic association confusion
by MovingSpotlight in Programming Languages

My understanding of the conventions I'm currently dealing with is as follows:

Model names should be in TitleCaps.

Variable names should be lower_cased_and_under_scored.

Associations should be to the singular version of the foreign table name with _id appended, e.g. user_uploaded_picture_id

When doing "rails generate model ModelName" - should it be in

List the Basic Data Types Available in Visual Basic
by mkmitch in Computers
Basic data types, sometimes referred to as simple types or primitives, form some of the scalar predefined types in Visual Basic. You may use these data types immediately in your programs in calculations, in data storage or to build higher-level data types. Some of the basic numeric types have unique signed and unsigned versions: signed types may hold positive or negative values while unsigned type

Did modularity of basic programming first appear with visual basic?
by tonix in Web Design

Modularity of basic programming first appeared with visual basic? True or False?

Compare Basic Cable Vs. Basic U-verse
by saikoh in Electronics
About 60 million households subscribe to cable. Cable companies provide a wide range of programming, most of it the same. When it comes to choosing a cable company, the choice really depends on price. Cable can be expensive, so it’s important to find a good deal. Basic U-Verse (U-Basic) from AT&T is growing in popularity but it doesn't have as many features. Monthly CostBasic U-Verse

Basic Lab Equipment & Basic Lab Techniques
by Dennis Caldwell in Education
The crucial part of setting up a new laboratory lies in the design and layout of the space. First, obtain a floor plan and decide what experiments will take place there. This will clarify equipment placement and the work flow of lab personnel. Lab designs will differ between disciplines since each field has its own specific requirements. However, there are several common factors that should be tak

Basic Parts of Visual Basic
by gitano in Computers
Visual basic (VB) is one of the first of the "visual" languages and is still one of the most popular. The basic parts of VB are the program screens and the objects that occupy the screens. Developing a VB program consists of describing the basic parts---the screens and the objects. Examples of VB programs include forms to fill out and controls for running machinery. Starting a Visual Basic Pr

I am new to spring MVC. I want to know what basic configurations or xml files we need to do to run a basic Spring MVC application.?
by dfrolov in Programming Languages

I need to know the basic XML configuration files that i need to put in my Web-inf folder.. like web.XML and where to write view resolver bean. how to register the controller. when i run my application i am getting the error that "could not open servlet context resource" what is servlet context resource and where i need to mention it ? Please help ...

My web.xml is ::

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