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how to call a batch file with spaces in its path from another batch file and return control to the parent batch file
by fstender in Programming Languages

I am trying to call a batch file from another batch file and after the second batch file executes , the control should be returned to the first batch file and it should resume execution.
Currently i am using the following command in my parent batch file:

call "cmd /c start /b %ROOT_HOME%folder1inat1.bat"

This works fine as long as %ROOT_HOME% has a pa

Execution of multiple batch files in different cmd prompts using a single batch file
by Roel van Dijk in Operating Systems

I have 3 batch files, one.bat, two.bat and three.bat. All three bat files have to start in their own command prompt shells. So now I'm planning a collect.bat which executes all three batch files in one batch file. But I cant figure out how we can make each of the batch files(one.bat, two.bat and three.bat

Batch processing fails in Oracle. Find out which statement in the batch is causing it
by Tom Arleth in Programming Languages

I am extracting data from excel sheet and inserting them into my oracle table. The database is setup in a way that when executing a batch statement, if any insert statement in the batch fails, all the other statements in the batch are not executed. So my problem is how can I find out which row of data is actually causing it, so I can send a message to the user with the row number of the data th

Passing a set Variable from a on the on-fly batch runtime to the calling Batch file in JAVA
by Danny in Java

I have an interesting issue. I have a Java application, that creates a batch file and the batch file sets a variable. Now, the application its self is being called from another batch file. Hence I would like to some how be able to pass the variable to the parent Batch file. I can do this while a batch calls another batch, but not when the batch file calls a jar file from, whom intern creates a

How to start a batch file minimized in a Windows CE device (using another batch or shortcut)?
by Olympian Last in Operating Systems

I have a batch file which is running on a Windows CE 5 device (for being accurate, Motorola MK3000). The batch file installs some CAB files and finally starts an exe.

wceload /noaskdest /delete 0 myPathmyCab.cab
START myPathmyApp.exe

Now, I want it to run in minimized mode (not displaying the white command window).
As far as

How to run a batch command when closing a batch script by clicking close button
by Phil Austin in Operating Systems

I am running having a batch script which runs a long running command. I want to run another script when i close the command prompt running the first script using close button.

Batch with No args runs as job (scheduled task) with no errors, Batch with 1 arg fails with Access Denied. Why?
by luci5r in Web Design

Here's a trivial batch:

@echo off
if not .%1==.-b goto else
echo Running with -b flag ON
goto endif
echo Running with NO flags

Now, trying to run this from a scheduled task on a Windows Server 2003...

If the task is ran like: "C:Test est.bat" then the log (Schedlgu.txt) says:

"Test J

Batch file- Find Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Setup in a Folder using Batch Script
by DougoMan in C & C++ & C#

How do I check in my current folder that:

Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable setup exists using a batch script ,

Since it is an .exe file I guess I need to do something so that I could read the file description.

I can parse through the list of available files those exists in folder as:

for /r %%i in (*) do echo %%i

Batch - The following usage of the path operator in batch-parameter substitution is invalid - Archiving Google Chrome Downloads Folder
by mrmt in Coding

A made a batch file to archive monthly (using the task scheduler from windows) the Google Chrome Downloads folder (on my windows 7 64-bit pc).
It should move files from sertain filetypes to another folder, if it hasn't been modified last month. The folder where the file should move to is depending on the last modified date.

So i made the folowing batchfile:

how to get the second batch and 3rd batch in the same query result in oracle sql + yii framework?
by jwyse in Programming Languages

let' say i have 20 results in the sql query. if am gonna use the limit in the yii active record, I'll obviously get the first four from the result, but what if i wanna get the 2nd four and then 3rd four in the same query result ? how to query that via sql ?


$criteria2 = new CDbCriteria();
$criteria2->select = 'USERID, ADID ,ADTYPE, ADTITLE


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