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How to Maintain a Daily Beauty Schedule Using Beauty Products
by aafr in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
According to statistics, billions of dollars are spent on cosmetics every year. That statistic shows that most women care about their appearance.
Skin care is a billion dollar industry as well. Skin care starts with the basics. It is essential to have a skin care regimen that suits your skin type whether you have dry, oily or normal skin.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things Yo

Beauty Tips & Beauty Products
by FallenHero in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Looking and feeling your best does wonders for a woman's confidence. Whether you choose to wear a face full of cosmetics or just some lipstick and moisturizer, it is helpful to know a few beauty tips that can improve your look. Although there are countless beauty products on the market, learning some basic beauty tips about the most common ones is enough to get you started. HairShampoo and cond

How to Appreciate Inner Beauty
by Andrew S. in Relationships & Family
It probably goes without saying that outer beauty and inner beauty go hand in hand. Even those blessed with the all the "right" physical features can be repugnant if they lack the internal depths to support their genetic looks lottery win. While society continues to define beauty in narrow, superficial terms (recall a recent "Maxim" article disparaging the "unsexiest" female celebrities?) as indiv

Objectives for a Beauty Spa
by Master843 in Education
Spa treatments offer relaxing and rejuvenating services that help reduce the adverse effects of the environment on your skin. More people are investing in spas increasing competition; approximately 160 million visits were reported in 2009, representing a 15.6 percent increase from 2008, according to the International SPA Association which has promoted the industry for over 20 years. To get a port

How to Use Olive Oil For Your Beauty
by Dmitry in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Olive Oil is an amazing natural, organic mineral that you can use for all sorts of things! You can cook with it, eat it, and use it for all your beauty needs - how great is that!? Well, your probably wondering how many ways you can use Olive Oil for your beauty....MANY. I have listed them all!
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How to Keep a Beauty Blog
by hondaf17 in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
In the electronic age, anyone can have more than the clichéd 15 minutes of fame. It is no longer a prerequisite that you be a celebrity before coming out with your own book, record album or video, now that anybody can access even the latest up-and-comers by simply going online. If you wish to take baby steps in getting the word out about yourself and what you have to offer, a blog is one way
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Do it Yourself Beauty Treatments
by vferman in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
As prices continue to skyrocket for everything imaginable, it's no surprise that many people are choosing to do without the services and products they once used to pamper themselves. This is especially true for women who enjoy relaxing at spas or buying beauty products. It is still possible for women to take care of their skin and hair, and have beautiful results, with just a few items that are al

How to Become a Beauty Consultant
by WasntEnough in Education
Becoming a beautician is a career choice that requires schooling and graduation from an accredited program. States generally require licensing for cosmetologists, hairdressers, barbers, and nail artists as well as generally practicing beauticians. Of course, if you are not planning on opening your own salon or going to work at one that is already open, you could choose to go into business for your

How to Become a Beauty Editor
by sdifox in Careers & Job Searching
Current journalists, as well as individuals seeking a job change, will find the following steps useful on the road to becoming a beauty editor for a newspaper or magazine.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions In order to become an successful editor, all journalists must keep a few things in mind: 1) The Associated Press Stylebook is your bible; 2) line editing skills are extremely impor

70s Beauty & Fashion
by beefjerky911 in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
The 1970s were an interesting time in our history. The Watergate scandal forced President Nixon to resign from office and feminism began to see a rise in popularity. An interesting social and political climate coupled with a musical revolution and the popularity of television molded the trends of this decade, beginning to end. ClothingThe staple item that most people associate with the '70s is
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