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How to Determine How Human Physical Behavior Affects Social Behavior
by XiandreX in Hobbies, Games & Toys
If you have ever dated, interviewed for a job, tried selling anything or run for elective office, you have probably wondered how best to comport yourself. Should you cross your legs? Rub your chin? Keep your hands folded in your lap or use them to gesticulate? Such physical behavior affects an audience's response, but in what ways? By revealing the social effect of a physical behavior, an experime

How Does the Siberian Tiger's Behavior in a Cage Differ From Its Behavior in the Wild?
by raghu78 in Hobbies, Games & Toys
The Siberian tiger's behavior in a cage differs from what it would exhibit in the wild because many of the tiger's natural instincts are not required to survive. These tigers are native to the Asian area of Siberia. Space and textures affect captive tigers a great deal. SpaceIn the wild, Siberian tigers are solitary animals that heavily scent-mark their private territory. The big cats live Chin

How to Focus on Positive Behavior Rather Than Negative Behavior During Classroom Management
by Bjørn Lyngwa in Education
NASP Resources reports problem behavior is the most common reason students are removed from the classroom. Students with serious behavior issues generally encompass 20 percent of enrollment. This means 80 percent of students are doing well behaviorally. Focusing your attention on those students who are demonstrating positive behaviors can influence challenging students to follow suit. A few simple

Does this behavior of setInterval imply multithreading behavior in Javascript?
by Chennai in Javascript

In using javascript i noticed this thing. You can use

var i=0;
var startingTime=new Date().getTime();
function foo() {
if ($("#foodiv").text()==i) {
//we detected a doubled value (parallel execution)
$("#repdiv").append("[repetition on "+i+"]");

How to predict the behavior of a system based on previous behavior
by Keeper in Programming Languages

I am looking for an algorithm that, based on the previous behavior of a system, predicts the future behavior.

I'm building a parallel memory allocator that has a public list of empty blocks. Each thread, when it needs, can take blocks from this list and allocate from them. The blocks are grouped in bins, depending on the allocation size (8, 12, 16 bytes... to about 4 KB). When a b

The Negative Effects of Teacher Behavior on Student Behavior
by nipj in Education
One of the key elements of classroom management involves teacher behavior. Students are highly receptive to a teacher's attitude, emotions and overall behavior. While many behaviors are natural and unintentional, teachers must constantly analyze their actions in the classroom to determine what effect they are having on students. In cases of poor classroom management, many teachers fail to look at

IE VBScript HTC Behavior - Static Variables between all Instances of Behavior?
by MovingSpotlight in Programming Languages

I'm not 100% sure what question I should ask - as I'm too sure on the best way to do this .. so let me describe what I'm trying to do (using a simplified example) and we'll go from there.

You have arbitrary HTML Elements (IMG, A, TD, whatever).
Via the CSS they are assigned an HTML Behavior

.BoldSelection {
behavior: url(SelectBold.htc);

CakePHP: How one Behavior use the Behavior function of a Plugin?
by David in Programming Languages

I have two scenarios.

Scenario 1:

A ProcessableBehavior written in my APP/Model/Behavior needs to use a function inside another Behavior called Queryable in a Plugin.

How do I call Queryable.Queryable function doSomething from inside ProcessableBehavior?

Scenario 2:

If I write a Plugin Processable that now contains ProcessableBehavior

Behavior Modification to Reduce Sedentary Behavior
by Orkspalter in Sports & Fitness
You can use behavior modification to reduce sedentary behavior. Behavior modification involves a system of rewards and punishments to help guide a person toward a particular change or outcome.
The first step toward successfully changing a behavior is to recognize the patterns which lead to the behavior. Next, explore those patterns in an attempt to realize the reasons behind your actions. Lo

Explicit behavior with checks vs. implicit behavior
by Gurpreet Singh in Programming Languages

I'm not sure how to construct the question but I'm interested to know what do you guys think of the following situations and which one would you prefer.

We're working at a client-server application with winforms. And we have a control that has some fields automatically calculated upon filling another field. So we're having a field currency which when filled by the user would determi


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