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How to Tie a Berkley Knot
by google-app-engine in Sports & Fitness
Whether you are new to the sport of fishing or an old hand, mastering the basics will undoubtedly increase your pleasure and decrease some of the frustration that you may encounter while passing the time with a hook and a line. Tying a good knot should be considered one of the most important things to learn before making that first cast. The Berkley Knot is just about the perfect choice for braide
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How to Use a Berkley PowerBait
by Puddle Jumper in Sports & Fitness
Berkley PowerBait is a scented plastic bait that comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, including worms, tubes, crayfish, centipedes, salamanders and more. According to Berkley, the PowerBait is impregnated with flavor which makes fish hold onto the bait longer and help anglers catch more fish.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Fishing rod
Fishing reel

Berkley Fishing in the UK
by clubbedseal in Business
Berkley is a provider of technologically advanced fishing tackle. Its product line includes soft and hard bait, rods and reels. Berkley is the flagship brand of Pure Fishing Inc. a leading global supplier of fishing tackle products. Berkley Brands in the United KingdomBerkley is one of a number of Pure Fishing brands sold in the UK. Other brands include Fenwick, Mitchell, Penn, Abu Garcia, JRC
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How to Use Berkley Gulp
by orson in Sports & Fitness
Berkley Gulp soft plastic fishing lures are manufactured using a biodegradable plastic that is impregnated with a fish-attracting scent. Berkley Gulp endures multiple fish strikes, which allows it to last longer than live bait and Berkley claims that the scent technology used in Gulp soft plastic lures out-fish live bait. When you are finished fishing for the day, Gulp lures are stored in the pack
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How to Tie a Berkley Fireline
by Thyrius in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Berkley Fireline is an incomparably tough fishing line that gives zero stretch and offers maximum control to the serious angler. Because it's constructed from uniquely strong Micro Dyneema, Berkley Fireline can provide advantages many other lines cannot. However, it also comes with its own challenges; you have to know how to tie Berkley Fireline to get the best fishing experience.Difficulty:Modera
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Moving a Berkley Db from XP to Ubuntu
by Rick James Astley in Web Design

I have a bdb database which I have been using on my XP box. I am now migrating most of my apps etc to Linux (Ubuntu 9.10 to be precise).

I am not sure that simply moving the db files will work. Has anyone undergone this process of moving a BDB database from the windows platform to Linux before, and if so what is the procedure?.

Also, during the "migration" is there anyth

How to test Berkley socket (BSD) API?
by Liy in Development Tools & Services

I'd like to test the correctness and the completeness of an implementation of the BSP API.
The test set has to be cross-compiled for an ARM sam7x.

How do I Use a Berkley Fish Scale?
by Kneedragger in Sports & Fitness
Anglers have always bragged about the size of the one they threw back without really knowing the exact weight of the fish. Having a scale handy that could not only weigh the fish, but store its weight in a memory function, would offer proof of how big that fish really was. Berkley produces several models of a water-resistant digital fish scale with common features and functions. These scales are e
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How to Tie Knots in a Berkley Fireline
by bmg in Sports & Fitness
Berkley Fireline is a "superline" that's approximately four times as strong as similarly sized monofilament lines. It has little to no stretch and retains the castability of a small-diameter fishing line. Rigging a fishing outfit with Fireline is not much different than rigging an outfit with monofilament line. However, Fireline is somewhat slicker than most monofilament and can slip when attached

Berkley's Law School Requirements
by Bunny loves data in Education
The University of California Berkeley School of Law is one of the top ranked schools of its kind in the nation. Berkeley attracts between 6,000 and 8,000 applicants each year, yet only about 270 are admitted each summer. The school requires exceptional college grade point averages, top Law School Admission Test (LSAT) scores, a personal statement, resume and recommendations. GPA requirementsYou

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