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DIY Birdhouses
by Ka0t1x in Home & Garden
While bird houses are easily obtained commercially, making your own birdhouses allows you to tailor them to your decor and personal tastes. Birdhouses can be made from various materials, from gourds to old boots to small logs, ceramics and cedar boards.The first thing to decide is what bird you are making the house for, because that will determine the space you need as well as the size of the entr
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Do it Yourself Birdhouses
by Blackjack200 in Home & Garden
Building a handmade birdhouse is an easy way to attract feathered friends to the yard. For avid bird-watchers, the addition of shelter, food and water enhances the opportunity to study and observe a wide variety of backyard birds. Building a basic birdhouse is a straightforward project that does not require advanced carpentry skills. A well-constructed birdhouse need not be an elaborate undertakin

The Best Birdhouses
by CjK in Home & Garden
For an avid birdwatcher, birdhouses in your yard are a must. Birdhouses encourage wild birds to call your property home. Choosing the best birdhouse for you requires knowing the types of birdhouses available. Whether you want to make your own birdhouse or buy one premade, you have a variety of options. WoodenProbably the first type of birdhouse you think of is a wooden shelter. These houses com
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About Birdhouses
by Prasant Jain in Home & Garden
Birdhouses are commonly called nest boxes. They are manmade boxes supplied for birds to create a nest in. You can find a large number of birdhouses constructed distinctively for various species of birds. Each is designed to the specifications required by that breed for nesting purposes. Birdhouses can be bought from a variety of stores or built by hand at home. You can come across birdhouses made
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Different Birdhouses
by ghost recon88 in Home & Garden
Not all wild birds will nest in a birdhouse. Some birds prefer shelves, trees, bushes or even long grass. Of the birds in North America, approximately fifty species are cavity nesters and may adapt to a birdhouse. Smaller entrance holes in birdhouses attract smaller birds. A small bird may still elect to build a nest in a birdhouse with a large hole, but larger birds that prey on the young of othe

How to Use Birdhouses
by swilli89 in Home & Garden
Birdhouses are a great tool for bird-watchers. You can use birdhouses to attract different native species. These birds will find the house, build a nest in it and breed. The trick to using birdhouses is finding which species are native to your area and placing the birdhouse in a location most desired by those species. Another factor is timing. You want to set up birdhouses before mating season beg
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How to Make Pop-Up Birdhouses
by Edwin41 in Hobbies, Games & Toys
While making a pop-up image may seem difficult, it is actually a fairly simple process. Once you have learned how to make a basic pop-up structure, you can add any image you would like to have "pop up" from the basic design. You can make a pop-up birdhouse using construction paper, scissors and glue. Look at images of birdhouses in home goods catalogues or at actual birdhouses as models before you
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How to Hang Birdhouses
by sReas in Hobbies, Games & Toys
A birdhouse helps to protect birds from the effects of harsh climate, such as snow, rain and hail. These shelters for birds also allow you a chance to view birds from your own backyard as they rest. Once you have bought or built a birdhouse, you will want to find a place to put it that will give birds easy access to it. By hanging the birdhouse on a tree, you can provide a more natural setting for
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Birds That Use Birdhouses
by Wesley D. Radcliffe in Pets
Several birds make their home in man-made birdhouses when homes in their natural habitats cannot be found. Birdhouses create a safe place for birds to lay eggs and care for their young during the first moments of their life. Watching birds fly to and from their houses with food for their young can provide hours of fun for people of all ages. ChickadeesAlthough chickadees often nest in the cavit

Build-It-Yourself Birdhouses
by Summerfun in Home & Garden
Invite birds to move in with new housing, custom made from scraps around the house. Let the choice of feathered residents drive the design. Even small birdwatchers can help by handing screws and nails or helping to empty a coconut. Birdhouses for smaller birds can be fashioned from used plastic water jugs and even waxed juice containers. But for something a bit more upscale, make a birdhouse from


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