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Android: Place Large Bitmap behind Small Bitmap and Large Bitmap should take shape of Smaller Bitmap
Category : Web Design

Okay, have to look to the graphics experts on this one. I have a rectangular bitmap (large) and a circular bitmap (small). I want to place the large rectangular bitmap behind the smaller circular bitmap with the larger rectangular bitmap taking on the shape of the smaller circular bitmap (i.e. the rectangular bitmap should be clipped or otherwise). The smaller circular bitmap has some transp

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Converting Bitmap in memory to Bitmap with Bitmap.Config.RGB_565
Category : Programming Languages

I have a loaded Bitmap which I would like to convert to set the config to Bitmap.Config.RGB_565. Is there a simple way of converting a Bitmap to this configuration after the Bitmap is already loaded into memory? For example, below I have a bitmap being decoded from the application resources, however, how would I convert an already loaded Bitmap to RG

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error C2248: 'Gdiplus::Bitmap::Bitmap' : cannot access private member declared in class 'Gdiplus::Bitmap'
Category : Programming Languages

i am getting this error and i dont know why or understand the reason:

vector<double> fourier_descriptor(Gdiplus::Bitmap myBitmap)
vector<double> res;
Contour c;
vector<Pixel> frame;// = c.GetContour(p);
frame = c.GetContour(myBitmap);
return res;

the error is in this line

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How to measure or estimate bitmap size in Android Versions that do not support bitmap.getByteCount()
Category : Android

I recently followed Googles Advice on Bitmap Caching in Android and added my own LruCache from the support library. The LruCache works best if the size of the images in bytes is known to the cache.

The problem ist the getByteCount for bitmaps is only available since Android API Level 11.

How would you guess the size of an bitmap in memory?

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How to release Bitmap, ReDraw Bitmap, and add it to PictureBox. Without leaking resources or causing much flicker
Category : Programming Languages

I have a method that draws a Bitmap like so:

public void DrawGrid(){
GridBitMap = new Bitmap(x,y);
MyGraphic = Graphics.FromImage(GridBitMap);
MyGraphic.FillRectangle(BackGround, 0, 0, x, y);
//Then using loops I draw various lines like this
//Then I add the Bitmap to a Picturebox
PictureBox.Image = Grid

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java.lang.RuntimeException: Canvas: trying to use a recycled bitmap android.graphics.Bitmap
Category : Android

I send message to this handler(here I ommitted some cases) to do some operation on a bitmap and then set the bitmap on the UI. Because the operation on the bitmap is time consuming, I put it in a thread. When I finishing doing this, I set the UI in the UI thread with the method runOnUiThread.
Normally, all this runs well, but in some cases I got the following exception: java.lang.RuntimeE

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Intializing Bitmap variable with bitmap drawable from resources is not working - using ANDROID
Category : Android

I use the following code to initialize my bitmap variable:

Bitmap bitmap = ((BitmapDrawable)this.model.gameView.context.getResources().getDrawable(R.drawable.pic1)).getBitmap();

When I try to log the width of that bitmap, the log does not even output anything for that call.

I know it's making it to that line, because I traced the code.

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in myview while creating bitmap i am getting bitmap size exceeds out of memory exception
Category : Programming Languages

i draw paint using myview here some when open activity that time on myview onsize change() i am getting bitmap size exceeds out of memory exception.please any one having idea suggest me..
here my code is

private Paint mPaint;
private Bitmap mBitmap;
private Canvas canvas;
public class MyView extends View
private Path

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Preserving Bitmap values when creating a new Bitmap from System.Drawing.Image
Category : Programming Languages

I'm trying to create a resized image from a bitmap, set a new height/width and a new resolution and save it to PNG. I can do this either from directly A) Image.FromFile(filename) or B) New Bitmap(imageSource) to create the the A Bitmap to be passed to B. Both work okay schmokay, but A does not allow me to set a new width/height on creation (but it does allow me to pres

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How to create Bitmap from (Compressed format) Bitmap Info Header and Scanlines in WPF?
Category : Development Tools & Services

I am using SampleGrabber in DirectShow on windows 7, I noticed that the Code supplied by Microsoft and many other providers dont work because the Bitmap data header reports that bitmap data is compressed, however the new Bitmap(width, height, stride, pixelformat, scanlines) doesnt have any parameters to specify that the buffer has compressed image. Certainly Bitmap will not identify that.

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