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How can i detect black circles with AForge (IsCircle Function) since it need an image with black backgroud?
by terrestris in Programming Languages

I have an image of Go board with some stones. I need to detect these stone. I was trying AForge's IsCircle Function but image's background have to be turn to black first. But I need to detect black circle.

Is it possible? or is there any other solution with other library (OpenCV)?

How to Recognize Black Bear Scat to Track Black Bears
by dlock13 in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Being able to spot bear scat can be very helpful if you are tracking bear. Their scat will not only tell you if they have been in the area, but can also give you an indication of how long ago. Bears eat a varied diet so the look of the scat will also vary based on the season.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Wear rubber gloves whenever you are working with scat. To avoid chances of getting

Black Mildew Spots on Black Eyed Susan Vines
by cpacini in Home & Garden
The black-eyed Susan vine (Thunbergia Alata) is native to Africa and is grown as an annual in most parts of the United States. As with many plants, this vine is susceptible to attack by scales, whiteflies and spider mites. Wherever these pests exist, sooty mold can follow. Honeydew Producing PestsScales, whiteflies and spider mites are common pests of the black-eyed Susan vine. These pests use

Black on black textbox when running an html form on tomcat
by unfool in Development Tools & Services

i have an annoying problem, when i'm running from eclipse a jsp page on tomcat 7.0, the text input box of every form is displayed as black on black so that it's impossible to read while you are writing in the box. I tried to install again eclipse but the problem is still unsolved. how can i change change the background color of the textbox? it seems to be a tomcat problem.
Thank you

How to change color of a link from black to red and back to black when clicked again
by Janko in Web Design

the situation is that I have an index from A to Z and when I click on a letter the corresponding div is shown. When the same letter is clicked again, the div collapses.

What I want to achieve is, when I click a letter for the first time it should change the color of the letter in the vertical aligned index at the top to red. When clicked again from red back to black.


NSTextField - White text on black background, but black cursor
by bdurbin in Programming Languages

I've setup an NSTextField with text color as white, and the background color as (black despite not rendering the background color, so its transparent). All in Interface Builder.

The problem I am having is the cursor is black, and hardly visible. Does the cursor not represent the text color? Any ideas how I can fix this?

Otherwise, the NSTextField

Blue or Black Spots on My Black-Eyed Susans
by SteveGrabowski in Home & Garden
Black-eyed Susans get their name from the brown eye at the center of each flower. Golden-yellow petals bloom around the eye atop skinny stems, creating daisy-like flowers. When blue or black spots appear on the flowers or foliage, it's a sign that something is causing damage to the plant. Identifying the right disease allows gardeners to treat the problem properly. Leaf SpotSeptoria leaf spot,

Red black tree black height property check
by Kishore in Development Tools & Services

Given a RB Tree, I need to write an efficient algorithm that checks whether for each node, all paths from from the node to descendant leaves contain the same number of black nodes.

i.e. returns a boolean if the property is true or false otherwise.

How to Celebrate Black Inventors During Black History Month
by Vick Aita in Holidays & Celebrations
African-American inventors have made an indelible mark on our modern world. Their technological innovations helped to solve many practical problems of the time and also laid the groundwork for future inventors. Black History Month is a great opportunity to celebrate the pioneering work of black inventors.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Fix yourself a delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Whil

My Black Eyed Susans Have Black Spots on the Leaves
by kalfa in Home & Garden
Black-eyed Susans (Rudbeckiae) are endemic to every part of the United States, quite possibly making them the most common wildflower in the country. They are 2 to 3 feet tall with round, brown centers and bright yellow petals. This plant is an annual or biennial, depending on where you live. This is an excellent, native addition to any cutting garden, and cut flowers last six to 10 days in a vase.

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