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How to Set Up a Blackmagic Intensity Pro
by Marc Dong in Computers
The Blackmagic Intensity Pro is an advanced video card device that you install in your Windows or Mac Pro PCI Express card slot. With the included breakout cord, you can connect your computer to your HDMI television or projector, as well as to your AVCHD or HDV camera, for image editing and capture. Installation of the Intensity Pro is as simple as installing an Ethernet card or any other card int

How to Install Blackmagic Intensity Pro
by GalaxiaGuy in Computers
Blackmagic Intensity Pro is a PCI-Express card that allows for cutting-edge video playback and capture features. The product can can successfully utilize either HDMI ports or typical video analog ports and can produce feed in both Standard Definition and High Definition playback. Installing your own Blackmagic Intensity Pro is easy to do if you meet the hardware requirements.Difficulty:ModerateIns

How to Broadcast With a Blackmagic Intensity Pro
by seph87 in Computers
In order to broadcast over the internet, the signal is routed to a piece of software called a live encoder. When someone subscribes to a broadcast, they can watch as it streams live. The Blackmagic Intensity Pro is a professional-grade graphics card that can be used for this purpose. This card has high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) inputs, but you will need to use its composite inputs as

Getting a frame from a Blackmagic device
by pulkizine in Programming Languages

I'm trying to start working with the Balckagic SDK. and I've atrouble to get a frame the device "DeckLink SDI"

void get_video(IDeckLink* decklink){
HRESULT result;
IDeckLinkInput* decklinkinput = NULL;
BSTR name = NULL;
IDeckLinkDisplayModeIterator* displayModeIterator = NULL;

Blackmagic frame : convert from yuv to RGB to use in openCV
by beginner99 in Programming Languages

I have a problem to convert an image captured from a camera in YUV format to RGB format.

The function which is used to do it is the following :

int uwidth = 1920;
int uheight= 1080;
int i = 0,j = 0, r = 0, g = 0, b = 0;
typedef unsigned char BYTE;
IplImage* m_RGB = cvCreateImage(cvSize(uwidth, uheight), IPL_DEPTH_8U, 3);
unsigned char* pData

C/C++ macro/template blackmagic to generate unique name
by Denis Chaykovskiy in Programming Languages

Macros are fine.
Templates are fine.
Pretty much whatever it works is fine.

The example is OpenGL; but the technique is C++ specific and relies on no knowledge of OpenGL.

Precise problem:

I want an expression E; where I do not have to specify a unique name; such that a constructor is called where E is defined, and a destructor is called where the bl

Render to Video Input/Output cards (e.g. BlackMagic Design's Decklink) as a Window in .NET
by IeraseU in Programming Languages

I am investigating the possibility of treating a video input/output card as a Window so that I can render graphics to it from .NET. It would need the ability to handle transparency so that I can key the rendered graphics over incoming video.

I haven't found anything that does exactly this - some SDKs allow you to render graphics, but you have to use their API to draw them, rather th

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