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What Is the Difference Between a Hi-Lift Tractor Blade & a Standard Blade?
by pankaj in Home & Garden
Lawn mowers, particularly riding lawn mowers, are available with a number of blade options. In the 1980s, lawn mowers were marketed with a "mulching blade" that was advertised as a way to eliminate the need to collect lawn clippings in bags. Because these blades did not perform well, the mulching blade was redesigned into what is now called a hi-lift blade for lawn mowers and riding tractors. L

Difference Between Mulching Blade & Standard Blade
by dlock13 in Home & Garden
Mulching mowers are the recent sweethearts of the lawn-care world. Not only do they return nitrogen-carrying clippings to the lawn, but they eliminate the need for lawn rakes and back-breaking trash bags of cut grass. Don't think you can simply remove your standard mower's catch bag, however. Mulching blades have specific differences from standard blades. Cutting EdgeMulching blades cut the gra

Rolled Blade vs. Corrugated Snow Blade
by flakekun in Cars
The ATV or all-terrain vehicle, also known as a four-wheeler, was introduced in the United States in the 1970s. In addition to recreational activities, ATVs are sometimes used for plowing. Two of the most popular ATV snow blade options are the rolled blade and corrugated blade. Rolled BladeRolled blade plows are generally made of flat, hot-rolled steel, which gives the blade its name. Rolled pl

Box Blade Vs. Rear Blade Snow Removal
by Blackjack200 in Home & Garden
Snow clearance is an essential winter task, and the choice of snow-plow systems is equally essential. Rear and box-blade systems are the most common, and both have strengths and weaknesses. Rear BladeRear blades are concave and are dragged behind the plow, collecting snow as it travels. Rear blades are light but can't handle the weight of the snow on their own; as a result, they are used alon

Curved Blade vs. Straight Blade on a Fan
by snapshooter in Home & Garden
The difference in curved-blade and straight-blade fans is a choice between performance and noise. Curved-blade fans are often quieter than straight-blade fans, but they do not perform as well. NoiseA curved blade cut into the air less than a straight blade. This creates less noise, so curved-blade fans are usually much quieter than a fan with straight blades.
PerformanceAlthough curved blade

What is a Box Blade Used For?
by dmossakowski in Home & Garden
A box blade is a tractor attachment that can perform tasks for home use, agricultural use and for building and development of roads. Its primary purpose is to move and level dirt and/or gravel and to change the contours of a piece of land. IdentificationA box blade is a heavy, rectangular box made of metal. The top, bottom and front are open and the sides are solid metal. Many models are equipp
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How to Use a Box Blade
by smbrant in Careers & Job Searching
Working in a supermarket can sometimes be tedious, but if you're going to do something, you should do it right. You could tear all of the boxes on your pallet jack open with your hands, but that would make the store's aisles look messy. Using a box blade to cut cardboard allows you to get a smooth edge. Even if you're not putting out groceries, any large paper or cardboard projects will go easier
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How to Fly a Blade CX
by Mcad in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Flying a remote-controlled helicopter is a fun way to kick back and relax. The fact that it easily can be flown indoors or outdoors makes it an enjoyable pastime. If you're looking to get in on the fun, consider buying the Blade CX, a small starter model. Learning how to control the helicopter's movements might be tricky at first, but with practice you will become more proficient.Difficulty:Modera
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Saw Blade Crafts
by Stas in Hobbies, Games & Toys
When a circular saw blade has served its original purpose as a cutting instrument, you don't have to throw it away. A dull saw blade can be painted or otherwise decorated to become a unique work of art. Saw blades range in size from as little as 4 inches in diameter, which typically are used for hobby or craft cutting, to 6 feet or more for commercial operations such as logging. Depending on the t
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How to Put a Blade on a Bandsaw
by Colorado in Home & Garden
A bandsaw can be a very versatile tool in your wood workshop because it has several types of blades that you can use, depending on the materials you are cutting. It is key to keep these blades in good working order. Put a new blade on your bandsaw immediately when the blade becomes dull. A dull blade will not cut well and it can be dangerous, causing the wood to buck, split and fly back into your
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