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Dog Boarding Standards
by jeffrey in Pets
Dog boarding is an essential part of the pet service industry. When looking for a boarding kennel for a dog, the owner needs to know that his pet will be happy, comfortable and well looked after. CleanlinessThe level of cleanliness is the most outwardly obvious indicator of dog boarding standards. A dog's kennel area should be cleaned regularly and all mess removed in a timely manner. Modern ke

How to Get a Boarding Pass
by Apejoy in Travel
An airline boarding pass is a printed document that has a security bar code and essential flight information. Boarding passes are required for domestic and international air transportation. Airlines offer a variety of ways at the airport to get one, such as through self-service machines and airline representatives. But with the launch of online flight check-in services, many airlines make it easie
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Boarding Parakeets
by Stephen Judge in Pets
Boarding pets is a popular choice for pet owners unable to tend an animal for a given period. When the pet is a parakeet, owners need to be mindful about where to board the bird. Parakeets have specific needs. While numerous boarding aviaries cater to parrots, choosing the appropriate venue for a parakeet requires solid planning and careful selection. PersonalityParakeets are very social and re

Art Boarding Schools
by Scott Walsh in Education
An arts boarding school allows for college-bound students to academically prepare for college while immersing themselves in the arts. The focus of many of these schools is to help students get into top-tier arts colleges and universities. There are various arts boarding schools across the United States, from Massachusetts to California. Interlochen Arts Academy High SchoolLocated in Interlochen
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Day Boarding Schools
by Frank Bradley in Education
In America, there are two types of private schools: day schools and boarding schools. At day schools, students study during the day and then are free to go home. At boarding schools, students live and study at the schools' premises at all times. However, some primarily day schools offer boarding classes and some predominantly boarding schools have some day-only classes. Phillips Academy Andover
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About Pet Boarding Kennels
by Pradeep Gowda in Pets
If you are a pet owner, you may decide to use a pet boarding kennel if you need to board your cat and dog and don't want to use a pet sitter. Knowing what to expect from a boarding kennel and how to tell if a facility is reputable will help you choose the best temporary home for your pet. FunctionA pet boarding kennel is a facility where pet owners bring their dogs or cats to stay temporarily.

How to Get a Job at a Boarding Kennel
by DSLer in Careers & Job Searching
Pet owners who are required to travel out of town for business or personal reasons frequently entrust the care of their dog or cat to the staff at a local boarding kennel. While there, the animals must rely on the kennel staff to provide them with ample exercise, attention, food and water. Working at a boarding kennel requires experience with and compassion for animals, a flexible schedule, and a
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Insurance for Dog Boarding
by Mark in Business
All businesses serving the pet industry should carry insurance, including dog-boarding facilities. No matter how safe and secure your facility may be, accidents can happen at any time, and you bear legal responsibility for all pets in your care. A good insurance policy will protect you financially should a client take legal action for a dog-related event on or off your property, according to Compa

GED Boarding Schools
by tl1000sv in Education
Boarding schools that offer General Educational Development (GED) curriculum are usually religious or military schools for troubled teens. Students who enroll in these schools may have experienced academic difficulties at their previous school. In addition to GED-oriented curriculum, these schools also provide strict discipline and a strong support network. There are only a handful of such schools
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What Does a Boarding Pass Look Like?
by aaffleck in Travel
Boarding passes are required for virtually any type of organized travel by an outside company. Whether on a bus or a cruise ship, passengers must show their boarding pass in order to board the vehicle or vessel. FunctionThe function of a boarding pass is to prove to security that you are supposed to be on the train, plane, ship or vehicle for the particular trip specified on the boarding pass.

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