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What Is the Bonus for an ER RN?
by john3850 in Business
The United States is facing a nursing shortage that will peak by 2020, according to the American Nurses Association. The ANA estimates a nursing shortage has reached about a million as of 2010. As a result, nurses are commanding high wages and medical facilities are competing for their services. That's why smart RNs negotiate for signing bonuses and special compensation upon completion of contract
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What Are the Taxes on a Bonus?
by PeterYunZhang in Personal Finance
Employers often give employees extra money during Christmas or other significant times of the year as a bonus. While employees may appreciate the gesture, some worry that bonuses will force them to pay more taxes come April 15. Employers must withhold payroll taxes from bonuses just as they do from regular paychecks; thus, taxpayers may receive a refund even if they receive a bonus. Flat Rate M
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What Is Blu-ray Bonus View?
by Dirigible in Arts & Entertainment
Blu-ray Bonus View is yet another way to experience your favorite films while at home. While previous Blu-ray machines did not feature this option, later models do, allowing you to gain extra knowledge about a specific film while the film is playing. The Bonus View option is not available for all Blu-ray titles, but titles that do offer it will expand your knowledge of the filmmaking process. T
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The California Bonus Law
by Juncar in Legal
The "California Bonus Law," also known as the "Density Bonus Law," is an innovative way of motivating developers to build affordable housing. The density bonus law states that local governments can give a developer permission to build at an higher density than the zoning permits if the developer offers affordable residences inside the development. HistoryCalifornia first passed the Bonus Densit
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What Is Bonus Depreciation?
by orson in Business
When filing a business tax return at the end of the year, you need to include asset depreciation in the expense category. Bonus depreciation and standard depreciation lower your taxable income. DepreciationDepreciating an asset means recovering the cost of that asset over a specified number of years. For example, you own a truck that you operate as part of your business. By depreciating the tru

How to Buy Bonus Bonds
by Tridnewly in Personal Finance
New Zealand consumers who buy bonus bonds purchase small pieces of an investment limited to government and company bonds or local authority and bank debt. The investment scheme pays back the income earned from the investment through a lottery system, involving a prize draw. Potentially, a consumer may win all the income derived from the overall investment scheme, or nothing at all.
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What Is an Enlistment Bonus?
by Ohio in Careers & Job Searching
An enlistment bonus is any amount of cash rewards or scholarship incentives offered by the U.S. Armed Forces. Depending on eligibility, a person who signs up for the military will receive a bonus for signing. The bonus is given in addition to whatever military salary a member of the Armed Forces receives while in service. How to Qualify for the BonusYou must first take the Armed Services Vocati

What Is an Incentive Bonus?
by RDongre in Careers & Job Searching
Incentive bonuses are a creative form of compensation that some employers offer their employees. When discussing compensation with a potential employer be prepared to discuss incentive bonuses related to your position. SignificanceEarning an incentive bonus means that you have met or exceeded a pre-determined goal described in your contract. As a result you are entitled to a bonus check or paym

Tax Implications of a Bonus
by Bjørn Lyngwa in Personal Finance
Receiving a bonus gives you an extra amount of money you may apply to bills, place in a savings account or use for other expenses. Since the IRS does not look at bonuses as regular income, classifying it instead as supplemental income, the tax rate you must pay on the bonus is higher than the normal tax rate for your regular paychecks. Employer WithholdingIf your employer pays you the bonus thr

How to Add a Bonus Room
by Damien in Home & Garden
Look for space within your present living area to create a bonus room. You might have unused space in the basement, an attached garage or the attic. Building a bonus room should increase the market value of your home. Make the space inviting, so family members will actually use the space for watching movies together or entertaining friends. Having a bonus room will free up other parts of your home
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