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php bookmarking
Category : Databases

i am trying to create an online bookmark system.
i have managed to take the url from the user and store it to the database. But i want also to take "Title and tags"
can anyone help me with the code..

function add_bm($new_url)
// Add new bookmark to the database
echo "Attempting to add ".htmlspecialchars($new_url).'<br />';

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TAGS : bookmarking

Bookmarking with eclipse
Category : Programming Languages

I really miss the bookmarking feature of Visual Studio + Resharper.
For example, I press Ctrl + K, Ctrl + K to toggle a bookmark, and then Ctrl + K, Ctrl + N to go to the next bookmark, Ctrl + K, Ctrl + P to go to the previous bookmark. I can even go to the next/previous bookmark in current file with some other key combination.

Unfortunately, I cannot figure out how to setup it

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Bookmarking WPF's FlowDocumentReader
Category : Web Design

I'm trying to save and restore the position of the document within a FlowDocumentReader to create a bookmark feature. There doesn't appear to be any seeking or search feature build in that is publicly accessible, leaving me with the following options:

Use FlowDocumentPageViewer instead,
saving the page each time the window
is resized and restoring it as soon
as the ap

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History.js, bookmarking and asp.net mvc
Category : ASP & ASP.net

When using history js and bookmarking a single page application. How do I make the index page get returned when using these non-existing pages (as I only have one "real" page which is the index page)? One option is to make many controllers which all return the index page. But that seems like a bad solution. What I want is for the index page to be returned on whatever I write (with the web browe

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JSF bookmarking problem
Category : Programming Languages

I have a h:datatable that display employees data.
I want the user when click the employee name to navigate to a new page which URL looks like

employees?id=<some id>

I've tried to combine JSP EL with JSF EL, but no way out.

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Bookmarking an embedded pdf on iPad
Category : Mobile Programming

I have a web page with an embedded pdf file. I can bookmark pages in the pdf using the query string and passing those values to the source tag.
While this works well on a desktop browser, I can't seem to get bookmarks to work in an iPad. Two finger scrolling works, but not the bookmarks.

Anyone have any ideas?

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Bookmarking a Site in iWeb
Category : Internet
Bookmarks on websites allow a user to quickly navigate to a specific page on another site. They can be particularly useful for things such as social networking or video display. When you build a website using iWeb, you can easily insert a bookmark button by adding a web widget to the code. There are a number of sites online that will generate the HTML code for you to use to create the widget.Diffi

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How to Update All Bookmarking Sites at Once
Category : Computers
Bookmarking sites are a great way to gain extra exposure for your website through the participation of communities and by increasing the number of backlinks to your website, which improves its search-engine rankings. The more bookmarking sites you can post to, the more exposure you get. Being able to automate this process can save you a lot of time.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions

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Guide to Social Bookmarking
Category : Internet
Unlike the pages of a book, Internet pages are intangible. As a result, they must be bookmarked in an intangible way. Social bookmarking tools provide Internet users with a means to identify websites that pique their interest. Since the Internet is a social platform, these bookmarking devices allow users to easily alert their friends to their finds and to share common interests. AccessibilitySi

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Modify url for bookmarking using JavaScript
Category : Javascript

I'm exploring my options for modifying urls in the browser bar for bookmarking purposes.

Ideally, I'd like to add querystring parameters and cannot determine if this is even possible. I don't want the page to refresh and want to add querystring values on link clicks, ajax calls, etc.

If I can't add querystring parameters, then I'd like to add hash values (http:://someur

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