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php bookmarking
by Simon Capewell in Databases

i am trying to create an online bookmark system.
i have managed to take the url from the user and store it to the database. But i want also to take "Title and tags"
can anyone help me with the code..

function add_bm($new_url)
// Add new bookmark to the database
echo "Attempting to add ".htmlspecialchars($new_url).'<br />';
TAGS : bookmarking

History.js, bookmarking and asp.net mvc
by Excessi0n in ASP & ASP.net

When using history js and bookmarking a single page application. How do I make the index page get returned when using these non-existing pages (as I only have one "real" page which is the index page)? One option is to make many controllers which all return the index page. But that seems like a bad solution. What I want is for the index page to be returned on whatever I write (with the web browe

Bookmarking WPF's FlowDocumentReader
by xes in Web Design

I'm trying to save and restore the position of the document within a FlowDocumentReader to create a bookmark feature. There doesn't appear to be any seeking or search feature build in that is publicly accessible, leaving me with the following options:

Use FlowDocumentPageViewer instead,
saving the page each time the window
is resized and restoring it as soon
as the ap

Bookmarking with eclipse
by skh in Programming Languages

I really miss the bookmarking feature of Visual Studio + Resharper.
For example, I press Ctrl + K, Ctrl + K to toggle a bookmark, and then Ctrl + K, Ctrl + N to go to the next bookmark, Ctrl + K, Ctrl + P to go to the previous bookmark. I can even go to the next/previous bookmark in current file with some other key combination.

Unfortunately, I cannot figure out how to setup it

JSF bookmarking problem
by obijywk in Programming Languages

I have a h:datatable that display employees data.
I want the user when click the employee name to navigate to a new page which URL looks like

employees?id=<some id>

I've tried to combine JSP EL with JSF EL, but no way out.

Bookmarking LMS, Moodle SCORM
by Funkwarrior in Web Design

Hi im looking a way to bookmark a page with JavaScript so that when a user reopens a course it remembers the page he or she is on by sending it to SCORM/Moodle.

any ideas folks?

using scorm 1.2 and Moodle 1.9:)

Many Thanks

<!-- ================ -->
<!-- Bookmarking start -->
<!-- ================ -->

Bookmarking an embedded pdf on iPad
by Ionith in Mobile Programming

I have a web page with an embedded pdf file. I can bookmark pages in the pdf using the query string and passing those values to the source tag.
While this works well on a desktop browser, I can't seem to get bookmarks to work in an iPad. Two finger scrolling works, but not the bookmarks.

Anyone have any ideas?

Modify url for bookmarking using JavaScript
by ThF in Javascript

I'm exploring my options for modifying urls in the browser bar for bookmarking purposes.

Ideally, I'd like to add querystring parameters and cannot determine if this is even possible. I don't want the page to refresh and want to add querystring values on link clicks, ajax calls, etc.

If I can't add querystring parameters, then I'd like to add hash values (http:://someur

Guide to Social Bookmarking
by tedrodai in Internet
Unlike the pages of a book, Internet pages are intangible. As a result, they must be bookmarked in an intangible way. Social bookmarking tools provide Internet users with a means to identify websites that pique their interest. Since the Internet is a social platform, these bookmarking devices allow users to easily alert their friends to their finds and to share common interests. AccessibilitySi

How to Update All Bookmarking Sites at Once
by Lathentar in Computers
Bookmarking sites are a great way to gain extra exposure for your website through the participation of communities and by increasing the number of backlinks to your website, which improves its search-engine rankings. The more bookmarking sites you can post to, the more exposure you get. Being able to automate this process can save you a lot of time.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions

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