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How to Install Ubuntu 8.10 to Dual Boot With Vista Without Messing Up the Boot Loader
by Phil Austin in Ubuntu
If your computer is installed with Windows Vista, you can easily install Ubuntu 8.10 to unallocated space on your hard drive. Users who install Ubuntu Linux to another partition on the drive can use the GRUB (Grand Unified Bootloader) to boot from either operating system.
To install Ubuntu 8.10 to your system and create a dual-boot configuration, you must create space on your hard drive for t

How to detect cold boot versus warm boot on an ARM processor?
by bps in Programming Languages

I'm looking for a way to determine whether an ARM processor is booting from a cold boot (i.e. initial power-on) versus a warm boot (i.e. reset assertion without actual power loss). Specifically I'm using an ARM968 core, will be making the determination using C or assembly, and I will use the determination so certain operations only run on the initial power-on and not on subsequent resets. In

How to Change the Boot Sequence on a Dual Boot System
by bkircher in Computers
Dual booting a system is the process of installing two operating systems on one computer. This allows you to test a new operating system without affecting your current OS; it also allows you to run Windows and Linux on the same computer. When dual booting, there is a default boot sequence that will automatically load a particular OS if there is no user intervention. Changing this default boot orde

How to Change Dual Boot in Vista to Single Boot
by Kronvict in Computers
Microsoft Windows Vista features a boot loader application designed to enable you to select a different operating system at boot time when the computer is configured with more than one operating system. Once you no longer need and uninstall the second operating system, you will also need to remove the boot menu entry for the uninstalled operating system. Use a utility included with Windows Vista t

How to Remove XP From the Boot File of a Dual Boot System
by rodvand in Computers
The "Boot File" is a listing of all of the operating systems installed on your computer. No matter how many operating systems are installed on your machine, your computer still only has one "Boot File." Removing an operating system from this file will remove your ability to easily boot into it at computer start-up. If you want to remove Windows XP from this list on a computer where you are dual-bo

How to Change the Boot Options in a Dual Boot Windows XP
by JustinDSN in Computers
Dual booting means your computer has the option to load more than one operating system. Dual booting Windows XP displays an option menu when the machine is powered on. You can dual boot more than one Windows version or you can dual boot different operating systems such as Windows and Linux. Dual boot options in Windows XP are contained in the boot.ini file. This file is a plain text file, so the o

The Infected Master Boot Record Computer Won't Boot
by Kapishin in Computers
The Master Boot Record on your Windows XP computer controls and directs your computer's startup process. Certain types of viruses can infect or corrupt this MBR file, causing your computer to refuse to boot. If this has happened to your computer, you can fix the Master Boot Record through a program on your Windows XP installation CD.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need

How to Edit the Boot Order in Windows Boot Manager
by gamefreakgcb in Computers
Changing the boot order in Windows can be done relatively simply through its graphical interface; you simply need to know where to look. Using the built in menu you'll be able to change the default operating system, as well as the time the system will wait for user input before loading its default values. You can even change crash and recovery options in the same screen. You'll need administrative

How to Change the BIOS Boot in Vista to Boot From an Installation CD
by Dirigible in Computers
Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) serves as a special firmware integrated into a computer’s motherboard. The BIOS setup menu allows you to tweak various system and hardware settings, including the device boot sequence. A hard drive is typically the first boot device permitted to load the operating system on a computer's startup. To boot from an installation CD you will have to modify the boot

How to Fix a Master Boot Record Using the Ultimate Boot Disk
by kharakawa in Computers
The Ultimate Boot Disk (or Ultimate Boot CD) is a program designed to incorporate a large number of troubleshooting utilities with the functionality of a boot disk, enabling you to fix most computer problems without having to resort to an expensive technician. The Master Boot Record is the section of your hard drive that contains the drive contents and other relevant information. This area of the


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