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Linux kernel booting stops at Uncompressing Linux… Ok, booting the kernel
by Denis Chaykovskiy in Coding

I have a problem about porting kernel from old SH4 to new SH4. Please let me show the difference between them.

[Old SH4]
boot loader: redboot v2.0
kernel version: 2.4

[New SH4]
boot loader: u-boot v2009.03
kernel version: 2.6

In old SH4, a lot of source code is developed based on kernel 2.4, so porting kernel 2.4 to new SH4 looks easier th

How to Fix a Non-Booting Mac
by pmaiorana in Computers
A Mac computer can experience start-up or booting problems for a number of reasons. Although a non-booting Mac is a cause for concern, minor glitches such as loose connections, power issues and problems with peripherals may be causing your start-up problems. However, you may also need to reset your Mac's System Management Unit (SMU) if conventional troubleshooting steps fail to resolve the problem
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MBR Booting from DOS
by dummyadresse in Programming Languages

For a project I would like to invoke the MBR on the first harddisk directly from DOS. I've written a small assembler program that loads the MBR in memory at 0:7c00h an does a far jump to it. I've put my util on a (DOS) bootable floppy. The disk (HD0, 0x80) i'm trying to boot has a TrueCrypt boot loader on it. When I run the tool in this setup, it shows up the TrueCrypt screen, but after enterin

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booting from a disk/cd/usb
by joth in Programming Languages

How can I boot my small console from a disk/cd/usb, with the following configuration:

The media that I want to use will be completely raw i.e no filesystem on it.
When I insert the media in my system or assume that its already inserted, I want to make it boot my own small OS.

The procedure that I want to use is that when my system starts, it boots from the disk/cd/usb, and

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How to Fix BIOS Through Booting
by Nate Childers in Computers
The BIOS in a computer's processor allows you to configure the way your computer functions and boots. The only way to access it and fix its various options is to boot or reboot your computer while pressing the correct key. This key must be pressed before your operating system loads. It cannot be accessed while your operating system is on and loaded.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Press the power bu

How to Fix an XP SP3 Booting Loop
by Super56K in Computers
The boot loop on your Windows XP computer means that you have a corrupted or damaged startup disk. When the startup disk becomes corrupted, you will need to repair the startup files to get your XP system booting properly. You can do this through the Recovery Console. Accessing the Recovery Console will require a Windows XP CD. You don't have to be a computer technician to repair your startup disk.
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How to Fix a PC With Problems Booting Up
by dantino in Computers
If your PC is having problems booting up, this means that too many programs are loading during the startup sequence. To remedy this problem, you can use "Msconfig" to stop all superfluous software from loading when Windows does. Msconfig will never allow you to disable a program that is integral to the operation of Windows, so by simply disabling everything in this program you can fix your PC's bo

Restoring an image, in a VM, without booting it
by NTMBK in Web Design

I'm using a UEC Cloud (with kvm)

Can I restore an image, in a VM, without booting it? (like freezing the image and then restarting the image on that exact tick while skipping the whole booting)
Is that what 'Snapshot' is?

If it's possible, then what are the general steps to do it?

Rails not booting in debug
by LDam in Programming Languages

I did:

gem install ruby-debug

Then it installs...

I launched using:

rails server -u -p 3002

(I also tried with -d)

I get this:

=> Booting WEBrick
=> Rails 3.0.1 application starting in development on
=> Call with -d to detach
=> Ctrl-C to shutdown ser

kernel booting procedure
by TheVrolok in Programming Languages

As we know that a OS is required a c file to execute. But when we boot a kernel then first it is decompressed but for decompressing a c function is used. til now there is no OS in the system. then how this c code is executed?

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