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box2d: positioning of an box2d body with a specific angle without using setTransform()?
by Chris in Programming Languages

I am using box2d which is included in the libgdx api (java)

I am using a rectangular box2d body as a sensor for detecting swordslash-collisions (using the body as an sensor) in 4 directions
(slashing 90° up, down, left, right).
so for slashing in the up-direction i create basicly a new rectangular box2d body and setting its startposition each time:


create box2d andengine box2d body without sprite
by Ever Daniel Barreto in Programming Languages

hey I have created my body using following code: (please read full description)

Body polyBody;
final BodyDef mBodyDef = new BodyDef();
mBodyDef.type = BodyDef.BodyType.DynamicBody;
mBodyDef.position.x = 20;
mBodyDef.position.y = 5;
polyBody= mPhysicsWorld.createBody(mBodyDef);
final PolygonShape mPoly = new PolygonS

How can I update Box2d?
by Wilson Mar in Web Design

I updated cocos2d template but it doesn't have the new box2d.


How can i update my box2d alone?
When i try to switch box2d folders, i get errors.

TAGS : update Box2d

Pong in Box2D XNA
by Uppsala9496 in Programming Languages

So I have been trying to recreate Pong in Box2D to learn how to use the engine and I think creating pong in it is more complicated than i thought.
I have the collision down by itself, i have the ball restitution set at 1.0 , my only problem is I have no idea how to have the ball hit the paddle, bounce back at the right angle and have enough speed to reach the other side. I just want it to

TAGS : Pong Box2D

Box2D and Sand in AS3
by Scott Smith in Programming Languages

I want to create a game where you shoot a rocket into the ground (Sand) and it blows, and moves the sand to the sides...
Is it possible in Box2D? breakable little objects?
It's almost pixel perfect collusion detection.


TAGS : Box2D Sand

Box2D SetAsOrientedBox
by Japan in Programming Languages

The command "SetAsOrientedBox" in Box2D doesn't work anymore. I couldn't find out the new command for it. Can someone tell me the new command?

Old example:
boxDef.SetAsOrientedBox(0.4, 0.1, new b2Vec(0.1, 0.1), 0.3);

Box2D ground box
by cheese_doodle in Programming Languages

I'm pretty new to Box2D and I'm trying to get a simple scene with some boxes and a ground, but no matter what i do, the boxes just falls through the ground.

This is how i init my Box2D world:

b2Vec2 gravity;
gravity.Set(0.0f, -9.81f);
bool doSleep = true;
world = new b2World(gravity);
TAGS : Box2D ground

Box2D in Objective-C
by Janko in Operating Systems

I am currently running Kobold 1.0.4 and cannot work out how to use Box2D using Objective-C, any help will be appreciated.
I have looked at the Box2d example project with kobold but it uses only c++ i need to do it in objective-c as i am not really confident playing with both.

TAGS : Box2D Objective

Box2D object speed
by Pseudoics in Web Design

I have a little issue with my game. In my main game scene I create a Player object from a class, like this:

player = [Player spriteWithFile:@"Icon-Small@2x.png"];
player.position = ccp(100.0f, 180.0f);
[player createBox2dObject:world];

Below is the main chunk of my small Player class that creates the body and the fixture so I can use it in a

TAGS : Box2D object speed

box2d concave body
by visual-c++ in Mobile Programming

I am creating a box2d body for my iOS game, that is built from 4 shapes that are convex.
The problem is that it fails when calling the init method.
Here's my code:

@implementation Banan
int num;
float density = 1.0f;
b2BodyDef bodyDef;
bodyDef.type = b2_dynamicBody;
TAGS : box2d concave body


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