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Brad Nailer Uses
by mikeymikec in Careers & Job Searching
Construction workers utilize brad nailers for a myriad of different projects. The best type to use depends on the style and magnitude of your project. These high-efficiency tools come in two basic subcategories. You can plug an electric brad nailer into any 110-watt power socket while pneumatic brad nailers work via a large compressor. The electric ones are quick and easy, but the pneumatic brands
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Uses of Brad Nails
by GunnarHafdal in Home & Garden
Among the dozens of larger and powerful nails in carpentry, the tiny brad nail appears inconspicuous and slight. But for trim work and small woodworking jobs, the brad nail stands out as a powerhouse. The smooth metal body and slightly depressed head are superior properties for effortless driving into molding and trim without gouging the fine surface of the wood. FeaturesA typical brad nail is
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What Are Brad Nails?
by techthumb in Home & Garden
A brad nail is a small finishing nail. It has a rounded head or brad head. This head allows you to conceal the nail. The brad nail is usually up to 1 inch in length but can come as short as 3/8th inch. When you use brad nails longer than one inch, you usually use them with a nail gun called a brad nailer machine. It is an air compressor-powered nail gun. CharacteristicsBrad nails generally have
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When to Use a Brad Nailer
by HtW in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Brad nailers shoot the smallest of nails, which are up to 2 inches long and tiny in diameter. While brads are not ideal for holding a lot of weight, brads and the nailer can be useful in several applications. SizeBrads range from 5/8 inch to 2 inches and range in diameter form 15- to 18-gauge.
Trim WorkBrad nailers are useful for attaching smaller decorative trim. The smaller head will leave
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What Is a Brad Nail?
by nedfunnell in Home & Garden
Brad nails are useful for those occasions that call for a small fastener. These occasions include hanging paneling, installing base boards, door trim and window trim, and many other projects around the home, office and shop. Brad NailsBrad nails are small nails of varying lengths that are made of varying gauges, or diameters, of metal. These nails can be installed with a hammer, or they can be
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What Is a Brad Nail Gun?
by bmg in Education
Brads are small gauge pin type finish nails formed with a "T" shaped head for striking. They are generally used in various woodworking projects and repairs such as: furniture, cabinetry, molding and trim installation, baseboards, chair rails, picture frames, ornamental decorations and numerous craft projects. Brads are installed using a brad nail gun, also known as a finish nail gun. Brad nail gu
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Uses for Brad Nailers
by Puddle Jumper in Home & Garden
Brad nails are small fasteners used in a wide range of woodworking projects. A nailer speeds the process of driving in nails immeasurably and makes it more accurate. Brad nailers are powered by compressed air, gas and electricity; a few are manually operated. Whatever you decide to build or repair with a brad nailer, do it safely. Take every precaution to keep you and anyone in the vicinity of the
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Uses for Finish & Brad Nailers
by Excessi0n in Careers & Job Searching
Finish and brad nailers are used for many purposes in the fields of carpentry and cabinetmaking, including fast and accurate nailing of finish trim in houses and attachment of trim to furniture. Most finish and brad nailers are pneumatic, meaning that they are powered by compressed air and are connected by a flexible hose to an air compressor. Finish TrimFinish carpentry involves the installati

Brad Nailer Troubleshooting
by George in Home & Garden
Brad nailers are typically pneumatically driven by compressed air. A small piston actuated by a trigger switch sends the compressed air into a cylinder. The cylinder pushes a small rectangular piece of metal called a hammer. The hammer then drives the small wire brad into a piece of wood. The brads are connected and are loaded on to a small rail called the magazine. A spring pushes against the bra

What Is a Brad Point Drill Bit?
by krismolendyke in Hobbies, Games & Toys
The brad point drill bit is a twist drill specifically designed to bore holes in wood. It has a sharp center point, cutting spurs along its circumference and 2 cutting edges that remove the wood from the hole. An ordinary twist drill has a cone-shaped point and is designed for cutting metal, plastics and other homogeneous materials. A twist drill will usually chip the surface of wood. Locating
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