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What Does Bridging an Amp Mean?
by bmg in Electronics
The most common power amplifiers for home stereo, car audio and live music applications are configured for stereo use. Two channels, one each for left and right speakers, provide dedicated power to individual speakers or speaker sets. Under certain circumstances where stereo operation is not desired, some amplifiers can be bridged to achieve a mono output rather than stereo. Power Amp Bridging

Information About Bridging LPN to RN
by Koen Willemse in Careers & Job Searching
There are many benefits to applying Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) training towards a career as a Registered Nurse (RN), including a higher salary. Many nursing programs recognize the skills cultivated as an LPN and offer LPNs advanced standing in their RN programs. Prerequisite CoursesLPN-to-RN bridge programs normally require the following prerequisite cours

How to Use a Bridging Loan
by jrok96 in Personal Finance
A bridge loan is much like the name implies; it's a loan that forms a "bridge" between two transactions. Some call this a "swing loan" such as helping you "swing the deal." Having to use a bridge loan isn't always best move financially. However, if your real estate or investment scenario isn't going exactly as planned, using a bridge loan can really help you out.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingIn
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Bridging sockets
by Denis Chaykovskiy in Development Tools & Services

I have an iPad app, which can connect to a Node.js server similar to http://nodejs.org/api/net.html#net_net_createserver_options_connectionlistener

Say I have two iPads, A & B. Is it possible for A to connect to the server, then B connects, and B receives the IP of A, so then B can connect directly to A?

I think this would be easy enough when A & B are in simila

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Problems with SWT / AWT bridging?
by Jake Levitt in Programming Languages


I'm working on an Eclipse RCP plugin. I want to embed a Swing component into it. At the moment I'm using a SWT <-> AWT bridge like this:

Applet applet = new myApplet();
Composite swtAwtComponent = new Composite(parent, SWT.EMBEDDED);
java.awt.Frame frame = SWT_AWT.new_Frame( swtAwtComponent );

Network Bridging
by Star Gryphon in Computers
Networks vary in size from a private home network to a large network serving a multinational corporation or public institution. A high number of computers connected to the same network can prove cumbersome, difficult to manage and produce a slow response time. One solution to the problem of big unmanageable networks is to split them into sub-networks known as segments, which are connected via brid
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What Is OSI LLC Bridging and Transparency?
by Elcs in Computers
The OSI (Open System Interconnection) is a standard for electronic communication that defines the process into seven separate layers, from hardware to software applications. The OSI system is the standard model for the ISO (International Standards Organization). LLC (Logical Link Control) bridging and transparency can be described in the "Transport" layer of the OSI standard. What is Logical Li

How to Cut Thermal Bridging
by Elcs in Home & Garden
Thermal bridging commonly occurs when the outside temperature is given a path through the wall insulation via framing members, concrete foundations and walls, and floor and ceiling joists. This greatly reduces the effectiveness of the home's insulation, which results in higher heating and cooling costs. Reducing thermal bridging is best done during the design and construction of the home. Careful
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What Are Bridging Loans?
by Orkspalter in Personal Finance
Homeowners who wish to change their current living situation often find themselves shopping for a new house while they still own their current one. In this situation, a bridging loan could be used to help facilitate the process of buying the new home before the old house is sold. Bridging LoanThe purpose of a bridging loan is to help a homeowner buy another house before his current home is sold

What Is LLC Bridging & Transparency?
by Chook2330 in Computers
Logical link control (LLC) is a section of the transport layer that allows an electronic device to make redundancy checks, frame packets of data and acknowledge that data has been received. BridgingBridging refers to LLC's ability to connect, via inter-networking, to other devices within the same network. Bridges are primarily used to keep data traffic local whenever possible. This results in l

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