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Broadcom BLE SDK
by Dariosky in Programming Languages

I am trying to run samples provided in BroadCom BLE SDK. i have created AVD by installing this SDK but the application is not getting installed on the emulator. It gives as error which says

[2012-04-18 14:17:59 - BleFindMeServer] Please check logcat output for more details.
[2012-04-18 14:17:59 - BleFindMeSe

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How to Install Wireless Broadcom 802.11b/g
by Uppsala9496 in Computers
Broadcom's 802.11b/g, known as AirForce, is an internal laptop wireless card. It comes packaged with some laptop computers and can be installed as an aftermarket addition. If your computer has an internal wireless card slot, you can quickly install a Broadcom AirForce card and access wireless networks at top speeds.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Mini screwdriver
The Best Drivers for a Broadcom 802.11B/G WLAN
by Jason Lin in Computers
The best drivers for Broadcom wireless chipsets are almost always those that were included on your computer's driver disc. However, if you run an alternative operating system, such as the free and open source Linux platform, you will need a wrapper to use Windows drivers or a custom-written driver for using the Broadcom in that environment. Additionally, you should always consider whether you need

How to Install Broadcom Drivers
by Steven Weber in Computers
If your computer uses a Broadcom network adapter to connect to the Internet, you must download and install the appropriate driver before the device will work properly. There are three ways to do this: 1) You can allow Windows to try to find and install the driver automatically, 2) You can download and install the driver from the Broadcom Web site or 3) You can try to update the driver using the De

How to use Broadcom BLE SDK (SMART 4.0) in Android 4.0
by mrmt in Android

I am trying to develop a BLE bluetooth (SMART) application for Android.

I managed to download the Broadcom BLE SDK, install through the Android SDK Manager as explained on the web site and download the projects examples.

When I tried to push one of the examples into my tests phones (HTC One S, HTC One X both with Bluetooth BLE feature), I am facing the following issue:

How to Configure Broadcom Wireless
by wraith in Computers
The Broadcom wireless card is an internal wireless network interface card for many laptops. In order for the laptop to use the Broadcom wireless card and connect to the Internet, it must be configured with the correct SSID, also known as the network name, and the correct wireless security key. The SSID and wireless security key can be obtained from your network administrator. Alternatively, if y

How to Uninstall Broadcom Bluetooth 2.1
by avdempsey in Computers
Broadcom Bluetooth 2.1 software promotes the connection between your Bluetooth enabled device and your computer. Bluetooth is a wireless technology designed to connect and transfer data between devices. If you no longer have any use for the software or are upgrading to a newer version, consider uninstalling the program to clear up space and ensure the programs do not interfere with each other. Win

How to Set Up a Broadcom Bluetooth 2.0 USB Device
by Pakistan in Computers
Hundreds of companies sell Bluetooth adapters, but only a few actually create the hardware chipsets that power the adapters. Broadcom is one such company. The Bluetooth adapters that use Broadcom chipsets are all able to use the same basic driver software, referred to colloquially as a Bluetooth "stack." A stack is the basic set of software needed to run the various functions a Bluetooth device mi

How to Use Broadcom Wireless With Slackware
by Caomai in Computers
If you want to use a Broadcom Wireless router on a computer running Slackware, you need to install a driver. In Slackware, you add drivers as modules to the Linux kernel. For Broadcom Wireless routers, you need to compile the module from a script before installing it.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Go to Slackbuilds.org and download the broadcom-sta package. Extract the download archive.

How to Disable Broadcom Wireless
by Ertaz in Computers
Broadcom is a manufacturer of network interface hardware. In particular, Broadcom manufactures the wireless network interfaces currently used for many computer makes and models. Sometimes, a computer user needs to disable a network adapter; reasons for this may include network troubleshooting, or a wireless driver that is not performing as expected. You can quickly disable a Broadcom wireless card

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