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Brooklyn Nightclubs
by Jonathan in Travel
As New York City's most populous borough, it should come as no surprise that Brooklyn is teeming with nightlife activities. After a day at Brooklyn's Coney Island or an afternoon sampling Grimaldi's famous New York pizza, enjoy one of the borough's many unique nightclubs. BembeBembe is a dance club and lounge located in Brooklyn's Williamsburg neighborhood. The club is furnished almost exclusi

The Best Florists in Brooklyn
by fstender in Home & Garden
Brooklyn, New York, is a great place to be if you're in the market for fresh-cut flowers. Brooklyn is home to some of the world's best florists and green-markets. Deciding which florist in the Brooklyn area will best meet your needs can be daunting without a little insider guidance. The Park FloristLocated in the heart of Park Slope, this florist offers a full-service establishment with excelle

Brooklyn Schools for GED
by JackBurton in Education
The General Education Development (GED) test is an alternative for those seeking to complete a high school education. For those wishing to do so in Brooklyn, New York, there are a number of programs offering guidance in preparing for it. Students are offered GED testing preparatory assistance, as well as support with career planning and preparation. Internship placement is also available. Programs
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Hotels Near Brooklyn, MI
by raghu78 in Travel
Brooklyn is located in south Michigan in the Irish Hills region, just 15 minutes south of Jackson. The area features Hayes State Park, a popular location for camping, fishing and boating. However, the main attraction in this area is the Michigan International Speedway, where thousands of NASCAR fans flock annually to catch a race. Though there are only two options for accommodations in Brooklyn, a

Brooklyn, NYC Colleges
by smbrant in Education
Brooklyn is one of the five boroughs that comprise New York City. With a population of about 2.5 million people, it could be a city of its own. While the borough is not as glitzy as Manhattan, people know about Brooklyn all over America and beyond. Brooklyn has a fair number of colleges, too. New York City College of TechnologyThe New York City College of Technology, or NYCCT, also nicknamed Ci

Fun Events in Brooklyn, NYC
by JustinDSN in Travel
The city of Brooklyn is one of the five boroughs of New York City and was established in 1896, but did not become part of New York City until 1898. The city of Brooklyn has become a cultural arts destination with an independent art scene and a strong architectural heritage. Brooklyn has year round activities for tourists and residents, ranging from holiday activities, concerts, and parades, to mov
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How to Bar Hop in Greenpoint, Brooklyn
by Stjepan in Food & Drink
Greenpoint, Brooklyn is one of the best neighborhoods in New York City for drinking and barhopping. From hipster pubs to slick martini bars, Greenpoint has great drinking options for everyone, and keeps the cocktails affordable with lower Brooklyn prices!Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Picture ID (age 21 and up)

Take the "G" train to

How to Donate a Car in Brooklyn
by Bruce in Cars
Donating your car has many benefits. If you live in the Brooklyn area, and you have a car that you would like to donate to charity, you can donate to the UHO (United Homeless Organization). UHO is a charity organization started 1985 by homeless people to aid homeless people in housing, clothes, food, and transportation. If you have a car that you would like to donate to a charity in Brooklyn, this
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Brooklyn 18 and Over Nightclubs
by novatv.stdios in Arts & Entertainment
Nightclubs in Brooklyn, New York are designated as admitting guests 18 years old and over or 21 years and over. Bouncers check identification at the door of both types of nightclubs to make sure no one underage is allowed in. While 18 and over (or "under 21") nightclubs usually admit people over 21, they often don't sell alcoholic beverages. BAM CafeThe BAM Cafe at the Brooklyn Academy of Musi

Hourly Hotels in Brooklyn
by Koen Willemse in Travel
There are a number of reasons people enjoy the convenience of hourly hotel accommodations. Whether you are looking for a break from driving during a family road trip, want to take a nap while waiting on a connecting flight or would like to enjoy some privacy to catch up on work, there are many hotels and motels in Brooklyn, New York, that are currently offering these convenient and affordable acc

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